A Girl Should Always Look Presentable

This is what I told myself when I was younger. I do not remember when I started to love dressing up because I used to be the wear-whatever-you-find-on-top-of-the-closet kind of girl but I like how I dress up now.

For me, what I wear reflects the kind of personality I have or the mood I am in. And I believe that dressing up right generates respect from other people. In this entry, I will share my style habits. Hope you read through!


This is the dress down day. If I am wearing a pair of shorts/jeans/jogging pants and a shirt, that means either it’s laundry day or I am going out for a bit whatever the reason is.

2013-03-15_1363357356 2013-04-08_1365413819

First photo is because of laundry day and second one is because I needed to walk my dog around the neighborhood. (Note: the first photo was taken during rehearsals for a play I was a part of)


On other days that I go out for a longer period of time, my usual go-to attire is a dress or skirt and a cute top. If my clothes look plain, I accessorize to make the whole look stand out.

Dress from Folded and Hung, belt from Maldita
Striped top from Forever 21, skater skirt from a bazaar

Two of the reasons why I love wearing skirts and dresses are because one, they are easy to wear and two, they make me feel very graceful.


If I am not wearing my dresses or skirts, I go for a pair of shorts or jeans/pants. I am; however, not a fan of flare jeans because if I wear one, I have to wear heels to go with it, which I avoid when I go out without a car. And 80% of the time I am out of the house, I am without a car.

Black top from Forever 21, jeans and white vest from a bazaar, belt from a friend, shoes from Riverstone
Pink chiffon top from Atmosphere, black pants from a bazaar, fuchsia pumps from Parisian
Blazer from Redhead, white shirt from Cebu, bag from Davao, shorts from a friend


Finally, I love dressing up when there are special occasions such as Christmas, New Year’s, weddings, etc. Let’s just say a special occasion  is worth a special attire!

Christmas! Floral dress from H&M, fuchsia pumps from Parisian
Wedding! Teal dress from Karimadon
Wedding! Royal blue dress was tailored and shoes from Gibi

In the end, it’s not about who has the better style because each one of us has a unique sense of style. I think dressing up boils down to these points:

  • Confidence in what you wear – If you can wear it, strut it! The world is your runway.
  • Mix and match – Well who knew the shirt you have from five years ago would match the pants you just bought!
  • The little things matter – Literally. Sometimes your outfit won’t be complete without earrings or a scarf. Always look for something to add if you think your attire is too plain but remember to not overdo it!
  • Right outfit at the right place – Even when you have a great get up, when you wear it at the wrong place, it still won’t work.
  • It’s not always about the big brands – There are bound to be lots of treasures you can find in bazaars or thrift shops! That’s why I love them!

And this ends my first blog entry. Thanks for reading!



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