Doodle Me This

I’m bored – is what we usually say when we are not having fun or have nothing better to do. Now everyone has different ways to counter boredom and in this entry, I will share one of the things I do to fight it.

You guessed it right! I doodle or draw. Urban dictionary affirms the first point I made in this entry by describing doodling as an activity done to relieve boredom.

Doodle (n.) random, thoughtless drawings on whatever topics happen to be flowing through the artists’ head. Often done to relieve boredom.

Ready to see my doodles/drawings? Read on to check!

Disclaimer: I only have limited skills when it comes to drawing but I still do it anyway.

Yes, this is a Corgi
Cherry Bomb from Plants vs. Zombies. I collaborated with my friend to do this. I drew the outline and he filled in the colors.

There are also some drawings that are dedicated for my love of Digimon.

My friend called this the “Malnourished Gabumon” can’t argue with that now can I? Lol.
I am actually proud of how this turned out. This is Numemon.

Before my love for Digimon, there was Pokemon.


I also doodle my favorite characters from certain shows.

This is my favorite character from the anime Kill La Kill, Gattsu.
Do you wanna build a snowman with my Olaf drawing? I hope you know him from Frozen!

There you have it! In the future, I will post some more of my doodles and this entry, hopefully, helped manage your expectations. Lol. For those of you who are wondering where I do my drawings, I simply use the S Note application found on my Samsung Galaxy Note 1.

Thanks for reading!


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