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The Great Escape

Throw it away. Forget yesterday. We’ll make the great escape. (Boys Like Girls)

They say that everyone must maintain a work-life balance to avoid possible breakdowns or burnouts. I have been wanting to use my vacation leaves for quite some time now but it took a while before my friends and I were able to find a common schedule. This was our first trip together as working adults by the way! A week before our trip, I was feeling very eager to finish my work and submit everything even before the deadline. I wanted to free myself off of possible work calls during my trip, so in a way, this made me feel motivated.

In this post, I will share the trip my friends and I made last November 6-9, 2014 to Negros Occidental (Bacolod)!

I have been to Bacolod twice during Masskara Festival for work. The trips were fun and I am grateful for the experiences but this recent trip with my friends is really one for the books!


Initially, we decided to go to Bacolod because two of my friends are originally from there so they would know where the good places are. Coincidentally, they weren’t able to go back to Bacolod for quite some time because of work so they were very much willing to go. We were really lucky because the parents of my friend offered their house for us to stay in and their cars for us to use during our stay.


We arrived in Bacolod around lunch time since our flight got delayed for two hours because of a supposed “plane maintenance” issue. We were picked up at Bacolod International Airport by my friend’s parents. From there, we went straight to eat lunch at the famous Bacolod Chicken House. Now as some of you would know, Bacolod is famous for their Chicken Inasal – there is even a street there full of Chicken Inasal eateries.


After eating, we went to my friend’s house to unpack and settle down. We were greeted by their four lovely (and noisy) Pom-Spitz dogs. Being a dog lover myself, it made me very excited to be in a house full of adorable creatures (aside from my friends. Lol).


After resting for a while, we all headed to Ruins in Talisay. Honestly, I did not know what to expect but when we got there, the place did not disappoint. The reason why it is called Ruins is because it literally has the ruins of an old mansion. One of the caretakers toured us around the area and took our photos as we went from one spot to another. Apparently the place is also rich in history that dates back to the early 1900’s.

DSC_0646 CAMERADSC_0700 DSC_0702

We then proceeded to have dinner in 18th Street Pala Pala. Our tummies were filled by the delicious seafood and meat dishes they cooked. To finish dinner off, we went to have desserts in the famous pastry place, Caleya.

Bacolod’s famous dessert, Black Sambo


We had a full day ahead of us; we left the house between 8am and 9am because we knew it was going to be a long drive to Campuestohan Highland Resort. Surprisingly, my two friends have not gone here yet so it was everyone’s first time to go. The first activity we did here was Sky Biking – biking on air. Our group was divided into two because there were only four wires and there were seven of us. It was my first time to experience sky biking and let me tell you, I found terrifying to start pedaling! But as soon as my friends started to pedal, I did the same for fear of getting left behind. As I was pedaling, I felt my fear slowly dissipating and I thought to myself, “Hey, this is fun!”. As soon as we got to the other end, the staff made us stop our bikes to take our photo.

skybike IMG_20141107_154424

The highlight of our visit to Campuestuhan would probably be the Rope Course.

Another great new highlight of Campuestohan Highland Resort is the Rope Course. The main objective of this feature is to challenge guests to complete the course without falling off the more than ten feet elevated series of planks, tires, ropes, etc. If you look at it from below, the course seemed easy enough to hurdle. Once you tried it, however, you will find that it takes all of your strength, willpower and perseverance to complete the task without falling. Almost all of the resort guests who have tried the rope course praised it saying that it is by far the best feature that the place has. In a way, the course tests how far the guests are willing to go. Don’t worry though if you slip and fall because the harness will safely catch you. (www.campuestohanhighlandresort.com)

What the previous paragraph said is true. The course seemed easy when I looked at it but it was probably one of the hardest things I had to do. It really took all my strength, willpower and perseverance. But finishing the course made me feel really, REALLY proud of myself because I did not fall and not all who try this course finish it (And yes, my muscles were very sore the next day). It was really tiring to jump from one part of the course to another under the blazing sun but looking back, it was also fun even though it took us almost two hours to finish it. And by the time we did, it was already lunch time so we headed to the restaurant to eat.

After eating and resting, we prepared ourselves to swim. Here we were also able to try out our underwater action camera. The water was very cold so we only swam for about thirty minutes.


Finally our visit to Campuestohan has ended. We drove back to the house to get some rest before we headed out for dinner in Pepe’s along Lacson Street.


This was our second full day. We spent this by going to Mambukal Resort to hike. Yes, another physical activity. We had the opportunity to swim and cliff dive when we got to the 6th falls. It was my first time to cliff dive so I got scared. What if I hit a rock? What if I don’t float to the surface after I dive? Luckily I did not hit a rock and my body floated after I dove. After all the cliff diving, we decided to continue our hike to the 7th falls. There was no cliff diving here but we got to go under the falls itself. After hiking, we ate lunch and some of us headed to the hot springs while the others had a massage.

DSC_0789 DSC_0829

We had our dinner in Lord Byron’s and everyone ordered their famous back ribs. The meat was very soft and tender and the sauce tasted really good.


Because our flight back to Manila was still late in the afternoon, we dedicated our morning to attending mass and buying pasalubongs.

We got back to Manila around 7:30PM. All of us were both happy and sad – happy that we got back safely and sad that we were back so soon.

This concludes our trip to Bacolod. Below is a video I made that summarizes some of the activities we did.

Even if our vacation was short, it made me feel refreshed and ready to work again. Can’t wait to use more of my VL’s in the future!


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