Ready? Aim. Shoot!

Last May 2014, my friends and I decided to try something new and exciting. Here is a quick throwback of when I tried archery. I was really ecstatic to do this because of the following reasons: 1. I am a fan of Kagome from Inuyasha 2. My aunt engages in this sport every now and then 3. If Katniss can do it, so can I 4. It looks totally awesome! Read on below to check some of the photos from my archery experience!

The archery place (Kodanda) offers the use of their archery equipment and range for a fee of Php580.00 an hour. Now you might think an hour is too short to enjoy archery but trust me, it is more than enough. I’m saying this because my strength got sapped away 30 minutes into the game – the reason being I had to pull the bowstring backwards to fire the arrow (and it’s not that easy because of the bowstring’s resistance).

Bow rack
Bow rack

Inclusive of the fee is the short tutorial on how to play: Proper stance and position and how to fire the arrow. TIP: You have to be quick to aim and shoot. The longer it takes for you to aim, the more difficult it will be for you to shoot. (There were times that I had trouble firing the arrow because my hands were shaking from pulling the bowstring back for too long. It saps your energy.)

Left: Aim; Right: Fire!
Me trying to hit a bulls eye

Some professional archers often calculate the physics behind hitting a bulls eye but not me. All I know is that the further you pull your bowstring back, the faster your arrow will be and that you don’t aim straight for the bulls eye because even if you do, you won’t hit it because of some external factors like air resistance.

Bulls eye!

Of course I did not leave the place without hitting a bulls eye. After several tries of adjusting my aim, I was able to fire a couple of bulls eye shots. I’d like to think that this is not too bad for a first timer. I will certainly come back again to try and do better than the last time. And if you have experiences with archery, you can share them with me too. Thanks for reading! Camae2


  • Esther

    I LOVED archery when I tried it for a class! It was so much fun but I snapped the bow on my arm twice the whole day😝 It took a week for the bruise to go away haha But it’s definitely something I wanna do again!

  • joouna8shadows

    im an archer and i say you have quite good form for a beginner. :3 if its something you feel you could be passionate about, then definitely pursue it! Its really rewarding! (And the shaky hand will get better, and you will be able to shoot 3,4,5,6…hours ^_^ )

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