For the Love of Dogs

Hi everyone! In my “About Me” page, I mentioned that this blog will include some of the things I like, I have already written some, mostly on my fashion. In this post, I will share to you my love for the “man’s best friend” – the dog.

Now as you may know, dogs are one of the first animals to be domesticated and even today, many are living with their respective dog companions. So what makes a dog so special to us humans?

1. They are Loyal

They do not care so much about your material possessions. All they want is to be with you through thick or thin.

2. They are Smart

With proper teaching techniques, you can teach your dog several tricks.

3. They are Adorable

After a tiring and stressful day, coming home to your adorable dog will surely turn your day around as they will not ever get tired of welcoming you home.

4. They are Funny

Sometimes they get themselves into trouble they don’t know how to get themselves out of and this makes us laugh.

5. They are Sensitive and Caring

Did you know that dogs can tell when you’re mad or sad? When this happens, they adjust their behavior accordingly to make you feel better. It is like they have this so-called 6th sense when it comes to humans, especially their owners.

These are some of the reasons why I love dogs. The photos and videos above are that of my pet shih-tzu named, Levi.

If you are a dog lover too, please do not hesitate to share your stories with me as I would be very delighted to hear them.

Thanks for reading!


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