Real World Realness: The Work Environment

When I was younger, I didn’t think about my future that much. I followed a process, that is, going to school and advancing levels annually. It wasn’t very difficult to follow because most of the plans were laid out and I only had a few things to decide on (i.e. What course to take in college, which university to go to, my class schedule, etc.)

My seniors often told me that the ton of school work I had were nothing compared to what it’s like in the “real world”. And boy were they right. Now I tell my juniors about how complicated it is in the real world and how they should savor every moment of their school lives.

After school, it’s time to make your own path. For some, what’s difficult is selecting which one you will take and how you will start with it. When you do select and start with your own path, you have to love it to stay in it longer. So when people say you have to love your job in order to stay in that profession for a long time, they are not joking. Work brings a different kind of stress than the one you get from school, and if you don’t love what you do, you will find yourself quick to give up.

In my opinion, aside from interest and career goals, one of the factors that affects your feelings towards your work is the work environment. This includes the people you work with, your workplace and your work schedule.

1. The People You Work With – It is important that you get along with them and that there is synergy and teamwork that leads to a fruitful work rather than rivalry and jealousy that leads to resentment of work.

2. Your Workplace – You will want your own space to think, a fast internet to support your fast mind when an idea suddenly pops out or even a comfortable chair to help reduce your stress levels. It is different for everyone but the workplace has to be conducive to learning and producing ideas.

3. Work Schedule – There should be a balance between work and your personal life. An organization should provide time for their employees to have time for themselves and their families because after this they will be more motivated to work. Depriving them of their personal time will only reduce their productivity and interest in their work.

Every organization has a different work environment and if you are lucky enough, you will find one that is aligned with your goals or one where you will thrive in. But if you get stuck in an organization with neither, sooner or later, you will just find yourself going to your work for the sake of going to work (which is not a good thing of course).

And so with this, I wish everyone good luck in finding the work best suited for you.


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