Ready, Aim, Bowl!

I am no athlete but I like playing different kinds of sports. I’ve blogged about archery before and now I’m going to write about one of my favorites, bowling.

As a young girl, I was exposed to this sport by my parents mainly because I tagged along whenever they had friendly bowling competitions with their peers. And as I observed them, I remember thinking to myself how easy bowling looked. During my first game, I went over the bowling line so I slipped and fell flat on my butt. And yes, there were other people playing and they saw me fall so that was pretty embarrassing.

I am not saying I excel at this sport, heck I did not even take formal lessons but I think I am a pretty decent, normal, rookie player.

Yesterday, my sister and I decided to play bowling at a nearby mall. I must say I already improved in terms of the ball I am using. Before, I used a 6 then a 7 and now I use an 8. The heavier and faster the ball, is the more chances of you hitting strike!

Below is a short video of myself playing bowling. Hooray!

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