Look Up, February

Hello! I haven’t been writing as much the past few weeks because I have been very preoccupied. But let me make up for it through this post.

February has always been my favorite month. Aside from the fact that it’s my birth month, I also consider this as a special month because one, the number of days vary and two, it’s the month of “love”.

I always look forward to this whole month and it excites me every time. However, February 2015 hasn’t been the most exciting for me. A lot of not so good things have been happening simultaneously so most of my days have been difficult. I sometimes quote Queen Elsa (from Frozen haha):

Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know

to remind myself to conceal the negative feelings and not let other people know because I don’t want them to worry about me. Well some might say that’s wrong because “a problem shared is a problem halved” while some might also say that’s okay because we should “stop talking about the problem and start doing the solution”.

But then I guess these things haven’t really stopped me from trying to turn February around one day at a time.

Let me summarize how I’m trying to turn February around:

1. I started to go the gym

Part of my New Year’s Resolution is to be more fit. Even though I’m thin, my endurance for physical activities is short lived. This month I decided to apply to a gym near my workplace. Because I am a beginner, I decided to seek help from a gym trainer for my daily program.

So far going to the gym has been therapeutic in releasing stress from work among others. I also feel very proud of myself for being able to live up to my trainer’s expectations. (Well aside from one exercise that I can’t seem to do. Lol)


Gym buddies

2. Reunions and “Day Outs”

Our block reunion finally pushed through some time last week. It was good because everyone had so many stories to tell.

That same day, I also went with my girl friends to watch a movie, That Thing Called Tadhana. It was a good movie which I can watch over and over again.


3. Transient Baby

My uncle from Japan came back to the Philippines a few days ago to fetch his three-year old daughter, Naru, who was staying in our house. My dad posted a Facebook photo of my mom and Naru with a caption “transient baby and her lola (grandma)”. It’s fun taking care of my cousin because she’s like the baby sister I never had although sometimes I tend to bully her lol.

HIKe Camera

4. Taking Care of Levi

One of the things that really made me worry this month was when my dog suddenly got sick. One night he was very active and playful but the next morning he was very lethargic and wasn’t eating nor drinking. It pained me to see my dog in pain but through prayers and the vet’s prescriptions, Levi is now starting to be energetic and playful again. I’m still praying for his complete recovery soon.

HIKe Camera

5. Driving Around

Part of my resolution also is to drive more often and to drive by myself which I started to do this month. My dad was able to trust me with the car and I’ve been driving more often than before. It will be an achievement to drive in EDSA though.

6. OOTDs for February

One thing’s for sure, all the negative things that have been happening did not stop me from looking my best everyday. Here are two of my outfits for this month:

Look Up feb
White top and floral from a bazaar, shoes from Forever 21, peach sling bag from F&F
Well, this is a candid shot
HIKe Camera
White basic shirt from H&M, floral overalls from Atmosphere, wedges from Parisian Hi I’m awkward haha

It’s already the second half of the month and hopefully this will be better than the first. And yes, I am still looking forward to my birthday. Look up, February. 🙂



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