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23 on 2-23

Hi guys! I celebrated my birthday two days ago. I mentioned in my previous post that the first half of February was not really going well and that I was doing several things to turn it around. Luckily, my birthday went better than I expected.

My birthday fell on a Monday and most of my friends know that among the days of the week, I dislike Mondays the most. However, when I woke up that day, I told myself that this is a Monday that I CANNOT hate. It seemed to work because that day, everything went well.

My birthday ootd: Mostly from Forever 21 (top, skirt, necklace, inside shirt), shoes from Mario D’boro, watch from Kenneth Cole

To be honest, February 23 felt like an ordinary day at first because I still had to do my regular routine . It was not until late morning that I felt, “Oh hey, it’s my special day!” My teammates from work took me to this Chinese Restaurant, Lucky Rainbow, for lunch. And because every Monday we conduct our weekly update meeting, I brought along all work-related stuff thinking that it was going to be a working lunch. It was not long after that they surprised me with cupcakes from Wild Flour. (Disclaimer: the waiter failed thrice at bringing the cupcakes to me so I wasn’t really surprised. We all just laughed at it but I still appreciate my teammates’ efforts) We didn’t have an update meeting, we just celebrated my birthday over lunch.



During the afternoon, my friend/officemate was insisting that I stay in the office longer because our other friend is coming over to greet me. And because I had dinner with my family after work, I told my friend/officemate that I can only stay up to a certain time. I really thought that our other friend was just coming over to greet me, but when I came out of the office, I saw my friends carrying a cake. They started to sing happy birthday and it made me feel embarrassed and happy at the same time.

Lower left photo: My wishing face haha

Dinner time was for my family. I wanted to go to the new casino place, City of Dreams Manila, and my parents readily agreed. My siblings had important matters to attend to so that night, I was just together with my parents. I treated them to this Vietnamese/Thai Restaurant, Red Ginger. It’s a good thing there was a band playing during the time we were eating. Made the ambiance extra special!

Yes, awkward first photo.

Overall my birthday went better than expected and I’m thankful to those who made an effort to be a part of it. Thank you for making me feel special. 🙂

I made several birthday wishes this year. Sana magkatotoo!



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