Work Wednesday

Quick post again! So today I presented a project to our retail team. I’m hoping the project will run well considering the launch is already delayed for about a week because of pending approvals and materials. (So many bottlenecks) But my target is to launch the project this week! *cross fingers*

Even though work is getting more and more stressful, I still try to dress up nicely because that’s one thing I enjoy doing.

My outfit today delves from the usual skirts and dresses – I wore high-waist slacks.


WP2I particularly like the straight-cut or (not too) skinny slacks because one it hugs my legs in a comfortable way and two, I can easily pair shoes with it (compared with flared slacks)

I think I should update my wardrobe with more slacks instead of dresses. I need more slacks like that. Yup.



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