Eyes on the Prize

[Disclaimer: This is a workout post]

It’s funny how I’m beginning to like going to the gym more and more each day. I used to be the type of person who’d frown on doing strenuous physical activities. But because this year I told myself to live healthier and be more fit, I conditioned myself to do things that will take me to my goal. And now I’m so used to having body pains everyday that when I don’t have body pains, I worry if I didn’t do enough the previous day.

(I never thought I’d use my sports bras for anything other than clothes when I’m at home. And now, I am jokingly asking people to give me sports bras or leggings as a post-birthday gift. Lol.)

I used to run with my brother every morning around 5am; however, due to his work which requires him to go out of town every so often, our morning runs were cut short. I decided to just apply for a gym membership near my workplace to make up for the lost morning runs. And because it’s near my workplace, I shouldn’t have any reasons for not going.

I started just last month and I also have a personal trainer (because I’m a newbie). It’s a bit expensive but the fact that I paid a lot of money helped me convince myself to go to the gym almost everyday.

Motivation is what gets you started. Discipline is what keeps you going.”

I recorded some of the exercises I do in the gym. I always start with cardio as my warm up. First on the Elliptical Machine with a level 5-6 resistance for 15 minutes straight. Next is on the Treadmill with a level 8 incline for 10 minutes. And then I proceed with my program for the day.

I really wanted to try double plank to see if I can already do it. My trainer was not so sure about it at first but he allowed me nonetheless. I asked my friend to try it with me but because she’s taller, she had to compromise her form. It was her first time to try it too so now she’s insisting that we do it again next week, this time with a better form. Lol.

Double Plank! (I’m the one wearing blue)

The video below only shows some exercises (because I got too shy to record everything). I do three sets in all my exercises and the video records the third set. Please forgive some of my forms. Oops.

For the squats, it was my first time to try 45-50lbs so my trainer was very careful. I started with 20lbs only so I’m feeling very happy with my progress.

Music by: Jandy on YouTube

Going to the gym has been very therapeutic in releasing stress. My only problem is that I don’t have enough workout clothes in my closet. Lol. But I’m still happy with the progress I have made so far. Eyes on the prize!

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