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Summer Escapades: Cali Castaways

Hello! I went on a slightly spontaneous 3D2N trip last March 27, 2015. I said “slightly spontaneous” because my office mates and I casually planned the trip over lunch a few weeks back but never really talked about it after. On the night before the trip, we were still asking each other if we will push through with it or not – pretty funny. In the end, we decided to just pack our stuff and just go with the flow, after all, we already booked the place we were going to stay in.


After work, I met the rest of the group at EDSA Shang. We were in the car ride to Caliraya at around 7:30PM. My office mate decided to take the Antipolo road going there to avoid the congested main roads (i.e. EDSA). It was my first time to pass by Antipolo and I found the view very pretty since Antipolo is on a high terrain and it overlooks the city and it was during the evening that we passed by.

We weren’t able to eat dinner before we left EDSA Shang and we cannot decide which place to eat at when we were Antipolo so we ended up eating at a random 7eleven. I got a bit scared traveling to Caliraya at night since the uphill roads were not really well lit. Kudos to my office mate’s driving skills.

We arrived at the place, Eco Saddle, around 11:30PM. We unloaded our stuff and settled down at the nipa hut we were going to stay in for the weekend. The feel of the place is more for relaxing and enjoying nature but I wasn’t able to fully appreciate it since it was very dark.

Nipa Hut
Inside our nipa hut (that’s actually half of me on the top right photo lol)

After settling down, my office mates and I had a couple of drinks while talking about life. We slept at around 5:00AM already.


I woke up to the sound of the waves and it got me excited to see the view I wasn’t able to see the previous night. I quickly got up and went outside and I was not disappointed with what I saw. The view was very peaceful and the breeze was cool and fresh.

View outside our nipa hut

My office mate prepared hot chocolate for everyone and we drank it outside while enjoying the view and the morning breeze – ah, I can’t explain how great the feeling was but I was really glad that the trip pushed through.

(^ Our nipa hut)

The boys brought the food and the drinks. For brunch, we asked the caretaker of the place to cook the tocino and rice we have. While the caretaker was cooking, my office mate decided to grill the pork belly they also brought. So for breakfast we had tocino and grilled pork belly and it was so good, I ate a lot.

Cali Castaways
Full tummies!

After brunch, we just played cards outside our nipa hut while enjoying the view of the lake and the feel of the cool breeze. At around 5PM, we rented this floating nipa hut because we planned to watch the sunset. Our ride was so cool because it had couches inside and a big, loud speaker for our music.

After a couple of minutes later, we all watched as the sun enveloped the sky with its warm light. The setting was very tranquil and relaxing and it made my heart feel at ease.

Waiting for the sunset
Waiting for the sunset
Sunset watchers
Sunset watchers

As soon as we got back to our nipa hut, the guys began grilling the the chicken and the rest of the pork belly while the girls helped prepare and make the marinade and the chicken oil. Again, the food was so good, we all ate more than our usual serving.

Chicken and pork belly

After dinner, we all had quick drinks while talking about random topics. But this night we all slept early, around 12AM more or less.


Again, I woke up to the sound of the crashing waves. Instead of getting up and going outside, I decided to stay on my bed to listen to the waves. It just gave me a good and light feeling. After several minutes, I got up and went outside. Because this was our last day, we decided to exhaust all the food that we have. So for breakfast, we had more than what five people can eat.

Breakfast feast!

The owner of the place came by and offered to give us a FREE high speed tube experience. It’s basically a big floater (can accompany three people) that is tied to a speed boat. What’s fun about this is that we can decide whether to make the speedboat go faster or slower. The owner was the one driving the speedboat. Me and the girls raised the speed at least three times. I don’t know how fast we were going but every time the speedboat made a turn, the ricochet was the one that made us feel the speed and made us bounce so many times. (yes, it’s possible to fall from the floater because of all the bouncing happening). I wanted to say “one more time” because it was so fun but of course we also had a schedule to follow so we all just thanked the owner and then went back to the nipa hut to pack our belongings.

(^ short video of the high speed tube experience. I’m the one on the left)

After taking a bath and packing, we were on the car ride back to Manila. We left at around 12:30PM. We stopped over this place in Paete to buy malunggay pandesal (Php2 each) and it was really tasty, I think I can finish a whole bag (25pcs per bag).

My office mate took the Antipolo way again. And so our other office mate decided to be dropped off at Santolan LRT  and me and my other office mates decided to be dropped off at Starbucks in Libis. From there, I went to SM Aura where I was supposed to meet with my cousin before heading back home.

As soon as I got home, I just dropped my bags and headed straight to church to hear the Palm Sunday mass. It was such a long day but I was happy nonetheless.

The trip was a bit short so we all promised to go back some time in the future. We still don’t have plans as to when but hopefully it will push through. Thanks for reading!

The Cali Castaways! (Yes, I got dark since I just got back from Palawan but it’s fine. I like tan.)


Bonus, candid photo of myself wrapped in a blanket doing something ??? I’m also not sure


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