Mix and Match

Hi! I noticed I haven’t posted anything about fashion for a while now so this quick post will be about just that. This morning, I wore something casual to work (mainly because we currently don’t have a house helper and the laundry is piled up so I had to mix and match the clothes available in my closet). I mentioned my affinity for blazers in one of my earlier posts. I love blazers because they can make a casual attire look extra presentable. I really planned to blog about what I wore so I started to take pictures but then I suddenly changed my mind and just decided to post about a different outfit some other day.

The photo I took this morning (Blazer from H&M, black heels from Style&Co)

But for some sheer luck, my officemate started to randomly take my photos when we went out for lunch. This was when I knew I had to make a quick post on what I wore.

My officemate and I were supposed to walk together but then I noticed she wasn’t following me so I had to go back only to find out that she was taking pictures

I’d like to think that this outfit is a mix and match success. Lol. Thanks for reading! Camae2

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