We Could Be Heroes, Me and You

In one of my blog posts, I mentioned that one of my resolutions for this year is to become more fit. Because of this, I started going to the gym and I became more cautious of what I eat. Just recently, I decided to add another activity to my fitness endeavor – running.

I knew that I wanted to try running but I just did not know where to start and where to get that extra push to make me do it. Coincidentally, I was invited by a friend to join a DC heroes-themed fun run which was held last April 18. As soon as he invited me, I readily said yes thinking that this was the extra push that I needed. Even before I registered, I pushed myself to start training for it by having morning runs (often by myself, sometimes with a friend, around the neighborhood) and evening runs (using the treadmill in the gym).

Morning runs are difficult because I have to get out of bed at around 5:00AM so I can start my run by 5:30AM and finish at around 6:00AM, just in time to get ready for work. On the other hand, evening runs in the gym are great because I can practice my pacing through the treadmill controls. Sometimes I would do both a morning and an evening run on the same day only to suffer the leg pain the following day.

Just a week before the run, my gym instructor changed my exercise program to pure cardio and body weights. It was very challenging because I wasn’t used to doing so much cardio throughout my gym sessions. However, as the days progressed, I found myself slowly being able to keep up with my instructor and it is a good feeling when you know you have improved.

I was advised to eat lots of carbs and sleep early the night before the run to be in top condition the next day. However, some things happened and I wasn’t able to eat well and sleep early. In fact, I couldn’t sleep at all, so on the day of the run, I was really nervous.

I joined the 5-kilometer run that had its gun start at 5:30AM. I was nervous because one, I was sleepy and two, I might get lost. The second one almost happened because there were no signs that indicated that I was on the correct route (I almost went to the 10k route but it was a good thing that I saw a sign before I made a turn).

That’s my Wonder Woman run. Lol
Look, I got a 5k-finisher medal!

I can’t explain how happy I was as soon as I crossed the finish line but one thing is for sure, I’d immediately say yes when I get invited to join another fun run.

Happy with the results! This will be my benchmark

Thank you for reading!


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