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Summer Escapades: LaBurot

Who needs LaBoracay when I can have something cheaper and more accessible?

Just this labor day, May 1, I went to a beach camping trip in Burot Beach, Calatagan, Batangas. This was a very spontaneous trip as I was invited by a friend just two days before and I already had other plans for that weekend, which was to climb a mountain. But in the end, I chose the beach camping trip because I have never experienced this and the fact that it was spontaneous made it more exciting.

[Disclaimer: Image-heavy post beyond this point]

How to get there:

My friends and I decided to ride a van instead of a bus so we went to the terminal near MRT Taft, behind Kabayan Hotel. The vans there are bound for Calatagan, Batangas and Balayan, Batangas. We took the van bound for Calatagan and paid Php180.00 each.

HIKe Camera HIKe Camera HIKe Camera HIKe Camera

We got off in Calatagan Market after three hours and thirty minutes. Here, we bought food and drinks before riding a tricycle bound for Burot Beach (fare at Php50 each for 3-5 people and Php150 total for 1-2 people)

Tricycle ride. I was sitting on the floor by the way. Lol
Tricycle ride. I was sitting on the floor by the way. Lol

Upon arriving at the beach, we were asked to pay an entrance fee of Php130 each. After this, we we rented two tents, the small one (good for two) at Php300 and a big one (good for three) at Php400.

The Experience:

As soon as we found our camping spot, we settled down and took photos of the beautiful sunset.

How peaceful
The sun has set

It wasn’t long after when the boys went to buy firewood (Php200) and gas (Php20) while the girls (me and my other friend) prepared dinner. After setting up the campfire, we all enjoyed our dinner.

DSC_0318 DSC_0324

After eating, we had a couple of drinks around the campfire. I enjoyed the serene atmosphere brought about by the warm fire, cool breeze, calm ocean and the beautiful sky.

happy campers
Happy campers!
Lying on the sand never felt so great

Funny thing was, that night, we all decided to just sleep outside our tents – on the sand, under the stars. It was not very comfortable and I kept changing positions every now and then but it was worth it. This was something I haven’t done before and I got to witness a lot of amazing things like seeing falling stars (yes, I made a lot of wishes) and the Milky Way (a first). Nothing like sleeping and waking up to a very majestic view of the stars and the galaxy! Ah, I am still in awe.

Sleeping outside our tents
Okay, this photo doesn’t do justice to the view I saw that night but that’s the Milky Way right there. So amazing. So amazing.

To be honest, I wasn’t really able to sleep well and my body hurt for a while when I tried to get up the following morning but when I think of the experience the night before, the pain becomes irrelevant.

I got up around 5:30am to watch the sunrise. Unfortunately, it was on the side of the beach with so much trees that I wasn’t able to see it. So what I did was to dance around the beach while waiting for the sun to rise.

DSC_0418 DSC_0419 DSC_0423 DSC_0424


Shortly after the sun has risen, we bought porridge with egg from the nearby store in the beach. It was still pretty early when we finished eating but we decided to go for a swim already while the sun’s heat wasn’t as piercing.

Burot Crew


Default "Wave" photo. That part of the ocean is already deep so I had to quickly swim back to the shallow part as soon as the photo was snapped
Default “Wave” photo. That part of the ocean is already deep so I had to quickly swim back to the shallow part as soon as the photo was snapped

One of my friends saw a “sea cucumber” somewhere in the ocean so we all decided to look at it. It was all fun until it suddenly went to the GoPro stick. Of course everyone panicked (and when I say panic, everyone was screaming and swimming away) but eventually, the sea cucumber detached itself from the stick while releasing a slime of sorts (We’re not even sure if that was a sea cucumber). But we were kind of glad that it happened because now we have something to laugh about.

After swimming, we packed our stuff, returned the tents and took a tricycle back to Calatagan Market (same fare) where we had our lunch and then took a van bound for Pasay (same fare).

The Burot Squad:

(Me with the guys)

DSC_0444 DSC_0440


(me and Issa)

Trying to hide the bottle of Empi Lights lol


I loved the whole trip in general. The only thing that I found challenging was the lack of clean bathrooms. I was okay with everything else like not having electricity and sleeping on the sand.

Special thanks to my friend, Issa, for planning this trip and inviting me!

Animal-print bikini is back!

Really thankful to the Lord for blessing me with a good week. I have stored enough happy fuel to power me for the daily grind next week.

I have checked off so many things on my bucket list this week and I’m looking forward to checking off some more in the days to come.

Thank you for reading!


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