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Summer Escapades: Off the Grid in Kwebang Lampas

Hi! It took a while but I finally found the time to share all about the second part of my weekend last, last week (first part was the climb to Mt. Maculot). Last May 16, me, my sister, my cousin and some friends went to Kwebang Lampas or formerly known as Lukang Beach in Pagbilao Quezon.

Before this trip, I had plans to join a fun run with my office mates. However, I was tasked to organize and make the itinerary for May 16 – 17.  I told my office mates to just go without me and that I would join them in their next run in June. At first I was regretting my decision of giving up the run but when we got to the place, the regret slowly faded away.

This was my second beach camping experience. Read on below to know more about it.

[Disclaimer: Image-heavy post beyond this point]

It was my first time to go to Quezon Province so I had to do my research on how long the travel will be, how to commute, etc.  Allow me to share the route we took to Kwebang Lampas: Kweba Itinerary Please note that this route is slightly different and shorter from the common route I always read in blogs. We did not have to go to Lucena Grand Terminal. Instead we alighted in Talipan. And we did not have to ride the jeep, which waits for passengers, going to Brgy. Polo. Instead, we rode a tricycle straight to the jump off point. When we alighted the boat, we still had to take a “mini” hike of about five minutes before we got to the entrance of Kwebang Lampas. Of course this made me excited even though it was just a quick hike.

Mini hike

We left Manila at round 7AM and it was around 1:00PM when we reached the gate to Kwebang Lampas – a total of 6 hours including our time for lunch. The caretaker then collected the entrance fee of Php160 per person for overnight. We did not rent a tent because one of our companions brought his and we only used this to secure our belongings.

Made it to Kwebang Lampas!

Other campers

The place did not disappoint as it was as beautiful as I imagined it to be coming from the photos I saw online. However, it was full of people when we arrived so we just decided to relax for a little bit more before we indulged ourselves in the clear, emerald waters. At around 3:30PM, we were all snorkeling and taking photos and videos underwater. After a while, my friend and I suddenly felt a stinging and itching sensation which grew more and more persistent as time went by. We inferred that we both probably got stung by a jellyfish which is said to be common in the area. Fortunately it wasn’t severe and the stinging and itching sensation was gone after a while.

Look at that blue starfish
Hi sister

  We opted to wait until there weren’t as many people before heading to the cave. While waiting, we took group photos and ate some snacks.

Meet the KweLa Squad
Almost successful jump shot
Look away from the camera

The cave is just near the shoreline. There are two options to get there: One is to step on the rocks and two is to just walk or swim to the entrance. Some of my friends decided to take the “rocky road” because they were carrying the cameras and it will be risky for them to be near the water. I, on the other hand, decided to swim. Upon reaching the entrance, we climbed some rock formations and took group photos using my friend’s DSLR mounted on a tripod and controlled by a remote. It was very risky leaving the camera there because the surface where it was standing on was very rocky and unstable but for the sake of taking group photos, my friend decided to risk it.

Look up!
I cannot recall what we were talking about over there

On the other side of the cave was another spectacular view. The water was clearer and there was the sunset. We took the risk of taking our DSLRs with us to take group photos and photos of the sunset. And every step in the water made me hold onto my camera even tighter but capturing beautiful moments was worth the risk.


When you see it

IMG_4100 IMG_4097

Beautiful sunset

After the sun had set, we went back to our tents and settled down. It wasn’t long after when we ate our dinner which we bought in Pagbilao Market. Sadly, setting up a campfire is prohibited in Kwebang Lampas (unlike in Burot Beach) which was why we had to use the artificial lights we brought along (headlamp and flashlight). There were torches from the other guests too but it was still different from an actual campfire.

KweLa Squad

We spent the night playing cards, telling stories and drinking alcohol. And because there was no cellular reception, we all felt off the grid and we were able to set our phones aside and focus on and enjoy the company of each other. That night, we all agreed to sleep on the sand to admire the view of the night sky.

Unfortunately, the Milky Way did not make an appearance unlike in Burot Beach. Nonetheless, it was okay because the night sky then was full of stars and shooting stars – still things I don’t see in the city often. The brilliant night sky combined with the calm ocean made a very tranquil atmosphere, perfect for reflecting on how beautiful life is.

The four of us left Kwebang Lampas the next day at around 7:30AM to be able to make it to the third part of my weekend which was the Despidida Party. My two other friends stayed behind to probably swim or relax some more. Heck if we didn’t have the despidida party, I would stay longer too.

Bye Kwebang Lampas.


Team Yagit and Not Much Sleep:


Here’s a quick video of our adventures in the waters of Kwebang Lampas:

DSC_0564This trip was really fun and it made me forget all the problems I had then. And that is why I like going on trips, not to escape my problems but to have a more positive mindset so that when I come back, I can handle them better.

Special thanks to Karlo for taking our photos and for bringing my camera, to Peter for taking good photos and allowing me to use them and to Lyka for sending me the rest of the photos.

A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles

Thank you for reading!



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