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Summer Escapades: Beat the Heat in Bato Springs

Hi! This will be a quick post on my trip to Bato Springs in San Pablo, Laguna last June 6, 2015. It was a slightly spontaneous trip because I was only kidding my brother to tag me along (because it was his outing and not mine) and he jokingly agreed so I wasn’t sure if I would really go or not. On the night before the trip, he asked me if I have already packed my stuff and that was when I knew that I was really going with him.

And so I packed my things.

We left the house at around 5:30AM to fetch my brother’s office mate in Molino. She was the one who brought most of the food for lunch. We then proceeded to a Jollibee store for breakfast and waited there for my brother’s other companions.

On our way to Laguna, I saw different mountains, one of which was Mt. Makiling as identified by my brother’s friend. The traffic started after we exited the expressway and so we got to Bato Springs at around 11:30AM already. As soon as we got a spot, we began preparing food for lunch. I was cutting tomatoes (might have been more than 30 tomatoes) and some were grilling food. And because it was an open area, the downside was that there were a lot of flies which made it difficult to concentrate on what we were doing.

By 1:00PM, everything was set and we had a fun boodle lunch!

Our hefty lunch!
Our hefty lunch!

After lunch, it was time to experience the waters! I was told that the water in Bato Springs is really cold because it comes from Mt. Banahaw. I thought to myself that if it’s cold, then it’s perfect for beating the summer heat. True enough, when I dipped my foot, I already felt chilly and it took me several attempts before I could submerge my whole body.

Really cold water
Really cold water
My brother enjoying the cold water
My brother enjoying the cold water

Because it was extremely cold, we did not stay long. I also felt my chest tighten after a while so the best thing to do was to get out of the water. The next stop was the “massaging falls” that everyone enjoyed. The pressure of the water on my head and shoulders was just right.

Hiding from the cold water
There’s a grotto behind me although I’m not sure if you can see it in this photo

And because we were already shivering, we decided to get out of the water and freshen up. Some of my brother’s friends were already using the karaoke while the others were still drinking. During that time, I had a cold and it got worse because of the chilly water and so I “lost” my voice. Nonetheless, I was forced to join in on the karaoke fun so I sang a couple of songs even though my voice was husky.

We left Bato Springs at around 7:30PM already and somewhere along SLEX Calamba, my brother (who was driving), had an extreme migraine attack so we had to make a stop over at the nearest gasoline station. I bought him medicine and he asked if I could take over and drive while he rests for a while (We were five in the car and my brother and I were the only ones who knew how to drive a manual transmission). It was my first, legitimate highway and I got scared at first. But seeing how unwell my brother was, I decided to take him up on his offer to drive. I am only used to driving a sedan and his car is a Mitsubishi Strada which made me even more nervous. Upon entering the expressway, I tried to keep my speed at a minimum of 60kph but after a while (I guess I felt less nervous), I increased it to 80 then 100 then 120kph. I felt my legs literally shaking but my focus remained on the road. It was such an achievement to drive in an expressway and experience traffic and toll gates. When we exited the expressway, I stopped over a nearby gasoline station and my brother and I switched places.

Overall, it was a fun day and I got to meet my brother’s friends and I got to drive in an expressway! I would like to thank my brother for trusting my driving skills. Lol.

Thanks for reading!


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