I Ran for a Cause: World Vision Run 2015

Hi! Last Sunday, June 21, I ran my first 10-kilometer race in World Vision Run 2015. I specifically joined this fun run because it had a cause and proceeds will go to the less fortunate children.

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Unlike my first fun run (5k), I was not able to train/prepare for this 10k race because my right knee is injured and I chose to just rest it until the race proper. Therefore, I was not in top condition that day and I was nervous that I would not be able to finish strong because it was my first 10k ever.

Read on below for the full story:

Just days before the race, I decided to buy a knee support to at least lessen my knee pain when running. I also bought blue shorts to go with my singlet because I still wanted to look good even with all the sweat and pain. Lol. But really, it was because I did not want to wear tights over my knee support.

This was the run that me and my office mates agreed to join in. Ironically, on the event itself, I did not see any of them. Who I was with; however, were some of my other friends, Yssa, Joey and Dona, who also ran 10k (except for Dona). Luckily, my friend/trainer/coach, Joey, joined me in this run and became my pacer because clearly, I was not able to train at all. He also knew that I was not in top shape because of my knee and I told him that I would try to keep up with him until I can. If it were only me, I would slow down at every one-kilometer mark but since I was with Joey, it was different. As soon as we reached the first kilometer, we continued our pace and I thought that we will slow down as soon as we reach the first hydration station. Surprisingly, he told me that we will skip the first hydration station and we will continue with our pace. We still did not slow down after the third kilometer mark and internally, I thought that maybe it was better if I just ran on my own. But of course, I challenged myself to do better.

Every now and then, Joey would give me pointers on proper strides, proper form and whatnot. I found it hard to talk to him while running and so I kept most of my replies short: “Ha?” (if I wanted him to repeat what he said) and “Oks” or “Ahh” (if I got what he said). How can he even talk properly while running? Lol.

We slowed down just to get drinks at every hydration station after the first one but kept the idle time short. On the 5th kilometer, I already felt my knee struggling but I kept quiet and continued with our pace. However, on the 7th kilometer I told him that I needed to slow down because the knee pain was really persistent and I got scared that I might actually damage it.

With only three kilometers remaining, I needed to change my thinking to, “What am I even doing here” and “I am killing my knee” to “Just three more kilometers, you can do it” and “Psh, three kilometers is just a piece of cake”. I remember chanting:

The body achieves what the mind believes

countless of times to encourage myself to push further (by the way, that is my favorite motivational quote). It also helped that I was running with my friend/trainer turned pacer because this made giving up NOT an option.

Finally, when we saw the finish line, I doubted if I even had the energy to sprint. But on the background, I heard Joey shout, “GO!” and a mixture of adrenaline and reflexes took over and I sprinted to the finish line.

Finishing the run made me extremely happy that I wanted to cry. Now I know why they call it, “fun run” –  it’s not running long distances that makes it fun but the sense of achievement a person feels after crossing the finish line. It was so overwhelming that I momentarily forgot that my knee was hurting.

j3 j4

Sweaty people. Lol. Congratulations to us, Yssa!

Thank you to my friend/coach/trainer/pacer for running with me even though I slowed him down a lot. Will definitely make up for it on the next race.

j2 j1

Here are the results of my first official 10k run:

Ranked 85th out of 1658 runners with a Chip Time of 1:03:00 - Not bad!
Ranked 85th out of 1658 runners with a Chip Time of 1:03:00 – Not bad! Wait for me Sub-1!
My distance splits according to Nike+
My distance splits according to Nike+

It’s exciting to think that I have already improved. Back in college, I remember finding it difficult to finish a 3k run but now I finished 10k with a pretty decent time too.

Currently, my legs are still sore and my right knee is still painful and I still cannot walk properly. It is so difficult to go to go around places with the leg and knee pains but I regret nothing. I just need to rest my knee for a while before I start to run again. Hopefully, I can make it to Sub-1 next time.

My post-run happy face. Hooray!

Thanks for reading!

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