Short Hair, Don’t Care, or do I?

Hello! As some of you might know or notice from my previous blog post, I recently chopped my hair off. For those who know me personally, cutting my hair short is not something new. However, this recent hairstyle is the shortest I have gone and to be honest, I still have mixed feelings about it.

I’ve been wanting to cut my hair short for a while now and I was thinking of going back to my usual bob cut hairstyle. But then, something happened that made me want to take the risk of cutting it shorter.

Just a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine shared her plans of cutting her hair and donating it to an organization that makes wigs for cancer patients. This made me want to cut my hair even more because it was like hitting two birds with one stone – I am getting the short hair that I wanted and helping a good cause at the same time.

I decided to delay cutting my hair until after the 10k fun run I joined (because I wanted to run properly without having hair all over my face). Meanwhile, I looked for pegs online and I always got excited whenever I saw something that I liked but this excitement still did not give me enough guts to go to a hair salon.

But last week, I finally mustered enough guts to schedule an appointment with my hairstylist. After all, I had no more excuses because the fun run was over.

I went to Bangs Prime Salon by Tony and Jackey after my work. I showed the peg to my stylist, Monica, and she affirmed that the style would suit me. I literally told her, “I trust you with my hair” because cutting it really short is risky for some girls and I saw blog posts saying how they regretted cutting their hair.

The fist thing Monica did was to tie my hair in low pigtails after which she said, “Are you ready?” and “Take a deep breath”. She then got her sharp scissors and cut the pig tails off. WOW! It happened so fast, I was only able to react after the pigtails fell to the floor. It kind of hurt me emotionally but because there was nothing I could do about it, acceptance was fast to sink in.

Wow it feels weird holding my hair like this

I did not take before and after photos but I put photos of my different hairstyles side by side:

Photo in the right shows my new short hair!

I still have yet to take photos of my new hair but let me share some photos taken during my recent hike to Mt. Kalisungan.

My pixie cut and how it looks like from the side, front and back

So, how do I feel about my pixie cut so far? Allow me to share the pros and cons:


– My hair hasn’t felt so light before! I literally have to reduce the force I use to look sideways because it’s that light!

– I get to save on shampoo, conditioner and water!

– It’s so easy to style because it dries quickly

– No need to buy hair ties (so technically I save up on money too because I easily lose hair ties so I buy them frequently but now there’s no need for them)

– People say I look younger and prettier (Maybe because it’s something new to their eyes as well but I’ll take their compliments anyway. Lol.)


– I get mistaken for a boy, a lot (I guess wearing pants everyday does not help my case. I’m still wearing pants to cover the wounds and rashes I got from the hike. But c’mon, I carry a bright pink purse all the time! Just wait until I can wear my dresses and skirts again. Lol.)

– I have to comb it every now and then to avoid flyaways

– I have a habit of putting my hair to my face whenever I’m bored or when I’m thinking. Now, I can’t.

– People constantly asking me, “What happened?” (Hmm, I cut my hair?)

I generally feel happy about how my pixie cut looks on me. That’s something out of my bucket list again! It’s gonna take some time before this grows so I have to learn to work this hairstyle.

And I hope you like my hair too. 🙂


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