Resolution vs Reality

Because it’s already July, I thought of writing about what I have accomplished this year. Surprisingly, I found an old draft about my New Year’s Resolutions which I failed to post for whatever reason it may be. So now I am going to add to that draft to track the progress of how my resolutions have been going so far.

Read on below to check!

Note: Those in black are the original contents of the draft I made last January 1. My additional entries are written in pink

Let me start off by wishing everyone a happy new year. May love, peace and prosperity fill your lives this year and in the next years to come.

This post will be about my resolutions and goals for this year. You see, I am that kind of girl who likes making resolutions every year just to challenge myself to become a better person and I achieve that with the help of a planner (as my reminder).

Last year, I had a planner but I wasn’t really as committed to it as my previous planners. This year, I aim to go back to plannering to help me with my goals while keeping memories at the same time.

I bought a 2015 Starbucks planner for this year because I never really had one and the weekly entries part of the planner is what I am looking for in a planner. Surprisingly, I received another kind of a planner last Christmas and the theme is more like my planner back in 2012 (love it!), it’s called the Eskwelahan Planner. So this year, I will have two planners, one for work (SB Planner) and one for my personal life outside of work (E Planner)
I wrote some reminders to myself this year in one of E Planner’s pages:


1. Save at least Php3,000 per month. But your target should be Php6,000 per month because half of it will go to your insurance

– Every month, I try to deposit a certain amount of money to the bank. There are months when I fail to do so because of overspending but this year, I aim to deposit every month without fail. This is mainly because I am paying for the insurance investment I recently got.

– Well, well, well. I apologize because I already failed this one. While it is true that I try my best to deposit every pay day, my trips this summer made it difficult for me to save at least 6,000 per month. However, this year I learned how to budget my money with all the trips I went to so I think that’s already an achievement.

2. Learn to not be afraid of “hanging”. Control the clutch properly.

– I drive a stick shift or a manual transmission car mainly because it is easier to drive an automatic car once you have mastered the manual rather than the other way around. However, I have one weakness: I get nervous when I am in a steep or inclined road. I have yet to master the art of controlling the clutch properly so that I can avoid hitting the car behind me.

– Okay, I still get that nervous feeling when I’m in an inclined road but I have already improved with my clutch control AND reverse parking. My dad already trusts me with the car but up to a certain distance only. I was also able to drive in an expressway last month!  

3. Find a company with a good work environment, better pay and employee benefits.

– As I should.

– Again, as I should.

4. Find time to travel. Find your travel buddies.

– I love the idea of travelling but my friends and I usually do not have matching schedules. We’ll see this  year.

– YES! This is one of the things I achieved! I had several beach and mountain trips already and I don’t have plans of stopping any time soon. These trips also allowed me to meet new friends and I’m grateful and happy whenever they invite me to their escapades. Let me join yours too! Lol.

5. Don’t you dare give up on something/someone just because things are getting tough. There is a difference between giving up and knowing when to quit.

– I tend to persevere in many aspects and I am not a fan of giving up which has its own pros and cons. This year I need to analyze situations and choose my battles carefully and still come out strong.

– While it is still true that I am not a fan of giving up, this year, I have learned to know my limits. When I already did everything I could and things still did not go well, I stop trying. Because sometimes, the ball is not in my court anymore.

– This year, I am also happy to share that I am still persevering in the “fitness” endeavor I chose to take. The results I am getting make me want to pursue it further.

6. Do not be pressured to go overseas. If you don’t want to, don’t.

– Well I want to but under certain conditions.

– No pressure, no pressure.

7. Be more mature in all situations

– My mom always told me to be the understanding one in any argument and I used to tell her that if I am always the understanding one, who will be the one to understand me? This year I will try to be more understanding in all situations and I will think before I act or speak (you can’t take back harsh words, be careful).

– Patience is key. I still do my best to understand the situation but I still have that bad habit of keeping it to myself.

8. Pursue your dream of appearing in any wholesome commercial

– Still haven’t done this but I attended an audition just a couple of months ago. I wasn’t able to make it but at least I already tried (and probably will again some time soon)

9. Find a hobby to keep you busy and away from the thoughts about your work

– Yup, I got this! Like in my previous blog posts, going  to the gym has been very therapeutic in releasing the stress from work. Aside from gymming, I also hike and run! These activities replace my stress with “happy fuel”.

10. Be committed to this planner. Write your entries everyday because you enjoy reminiscing memories.

– I do enjoy reminiscing memories but I still failed to write my entries everyday. I think I stopped writing some time in February.

11. Reach Php200,000 in your personal savings account

– We’ll see by the end of this year. Lol.

12. Gain weight! You are currently at 94lbs

– Hooray, that means I gained already! The last time I checked (I think that was two months ago), I’m already at 99lbs.

I still have a couple of months left to accomplish some of the resolutions written above. But generally, I am happy with the progress. 

You create yourself everyday. Ask yourself if you are happy with the progress.

How is your year so far? 🙂


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