The Three Types of Work Outfits

Hi! We transferred offices just a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, the office got farther from where I live so I have to wake up extra early just to be able to make it to the office by 8:30AM. I must admit that I am not a morning person so waking up even before the sun is up is very challenging and oftentimes exhausting. Nonetheless, I still try to be positive about my work week by doing one of the things I like to do at the beginning of my day – dressing up.

Read on below to check my workday ensembles.

I haven’t really updated my wardrobe for a while now because I am always spending on my travel and fitness endeavors. However, this does not stop me from being able to find something nice to wear. In fact, I have been trying a new mix and match of clothes and this makes it seem like a totally new outfit.

Here are the three types of outfits that I wear to work:

Outfit 1: The Posh

Black dress from Forever 21; Floral, black blazer from Divided by H&M

“The Posh” is when I wear something that looks elegant or stylish. Usually worn during the start of the week and/or if there are important client meetings.

PS: Yes, I cropped the photo.

Outfit 2: The Smart Casual

Blue lady’s polo from Uniqlo; printed slacks from H&M

“The Smart Casual” is when I wear something that looks neat but slightly informal. This can still pass as an outfit for those impromptu meetings. Usually worn during the middle of the week.

PS: My hair is growing so fast, I already have flyaways. Lol.

Outfit 3: The Chick

Pink earrings and necklace from Forever 21; Knitted white top from Forever 21; Black spaghetti strap from Forever 21; Checkered pants from Uniqlo; Black heels from Style&Co

“The Chick” is when I wear something that is more informal than smart casual but is still presentable. This may or may not pass as an outfit for impromptu client meetings but this will definitely pass for those spontaneous night out with friends. Usually worn towards the end of the week.

And that’s about it! So when you see me during weekdays, I hope you can identify which of the three types I am wearing. Lol.

Thank you for reading!



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