Running in Subaru Marathon 2015

Just yesterday, September 13, I ran my third race in Mall of Asia – the Subaru Marathon 2015. I do not usually join runs if I won’t get a medal on my chosen distance but this was an exception because aside from it being the first Subaru race in the Philippines, I promised my friends that I would join them in this run.

However, just a day before the run, some unwanted things happened that resulted to my poor performance on the race day itself.

One Day Before the Race:

  1. My lady visitor decided to drop by (I mean this in a figurative sense)
  2. I had a meeting that ended at 10:00PM
  3. My friends informed me that they wouldn’t be able to go. One got sick and the other one attended a family gathering

Resulting to what happened the next day

Race Day:

  1. There was a slight discomfort in my tummy
  2. I was sleepy because I only had two hours of sleep
  3. I was alone until before the Gun Start

I joined the 5-kilometer race because this is the safe distance I can run coming from my (not yet fully healed) knee injury. Thankfully, my friend/coach, Joey, joined me again in this run so I was confident I was not going to run alone or so I thought.

While we were running, I noticed how I was struggling after just one kilometer. I started feeling dizzy (a first) and I knew then that I wasn’t going to beat my PR. And because I already held Joey back during our first race (World Vision), I did not want to hold him back in another one so I told him to go ahead and not pace with me. At first he was reluctant but after a few attempts of pleading, he finally gave in and dashed away after the second kilometer.

What a bad time to not have music with me! I specifically left it because I thought I wasn’t going to run alone. Meh. I was running alone with my thoughts in the way. Every now and then, my vision would get a bit hazy making me slow down for a bit. Sadly, I did not perform the way I wanted to but I was still able to finish the race.

Ugly running. Lol

Joey ranked 19th while I ranked 47th out of 687 participants.

11998347_948537445185132_1176311329_n 12021776_948400018532208_795093869_n

Also glad to have seen a very familiar face during the event. Hi Jai!

Why so harkor?
Where’s the hardcopy of this? Haha

12002591_10153560530098363_5993935199429981345_oEven though I was not able to beat my PR because of the bad circumstances, I am happy to have been part of the first ever Subaru Marathon in the Philippines. Hopefully during my next run in October, I would be able to beat my 10k PR. Who wants to run with me then? 🙂

Thank you to PinoyFitness and Team aRUNkada for the photos!


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