Fitness Updates

It has been a while since I last posted about my fitness endeavors. In this quick post, I shall give brief updates on what has been happening in that aspect of my life.

Just to be clear, my fitness endeavors involve gymming, hiking and running – things I never thought I would be able to do.


With our office being moved to a farther place, I had no choice but to leave my previous gym because it was out of my way already. This saddened me a lot because that also meant leaving my friends and gym buddies of seven months.

I was on a workout hiatus for almost a month (ugh, so long, I know!) but I used this time to look for potential gyms near my office. Because the new location of our office is not that convenient also, I did not have the luxury of finding a gym I can get to by foot. These are the things I had to consider:

  1. Proximity to the office
  2. Convenience of getting there
  3. Convenience of going home from there
  4. Gym equipment
  5. Value for money

After a few days of looking, I finally found one! The new gym has its pros and cons and I couldn’t help but compare it with my old gym. But more than that, I was just excited to bounce back again!


  1. Bigger than my old gym
  2. They have a lot of dumbbells
  3. Bathroom is big


  1. Weights are calibrated in kilograms (It was frustrating at first because I still had to mentally convert them to pounds before I start any exercise)
  2. I see guys stare every time I lift which makes me really conscious and uncomfortable. I do not like it when people stare, to be honest. (Is my form wrong or do you need my dumbbell or something? Whaaaat?)
  3. Messy (More often than not, I cannot find the right dumbbells or plates because they are not where they are supposed to be because some people do not know how to return them after using! No, I’m not angry)

This time around, I am independent of everything because I did not pay for a personal trainer. This makes me really proud of myself because looking back eight months ago; I did not even know anything about lifting.

Us at the new gym
Me and my new gym buddies


So far, I am still able to climb mountains at least once a month. I am just having slight problems securing permission because of how my parents see this activity.


But without a doubt, hiking is something I want to continue doing for a long time so I appreciate it a lot when people invite me to join their climbs.


I mentioned in several of my posts that I had to stop running because of a knee injury which worsened after I ran my first 10k in World Vision. I knew then that I had to properly rest my knee because I was limping for three days after the race. For two months, I did not do any morning and/or evening runs, join fun runs, do any leg exercises which of course made me feel weak and sad because I had to bid farewell to my progress.

But just this September, I ran a safe 5k in Subaru Marathon. Fortunately, my knee did not hurt as much anymore so I decided to resume having morning runs but only over the weekends because on weekdays, I leave really early for work.

Morning run! And hey, I look tall here

Summary of events:


I am also scheduled to run 10k in Soleus Run for Aspins happening on October 18. This really excites me because my knee did not hurt after running 10k last weekend. And because my knee felt fine after that practice run, I decided to register for fun runs in November and December (talk about being impulsive).

And that pretty much sums up how the fitness aspect of my life is doing. I am just really thankful that I am now able to do all three again! Thank you for reading!


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