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Summer in November

Well what do you know; spontaneous trips really have higher chances of pushing through than pre-planned ones. Last November 3 and 4, I went with my sister and her friends to an overnight trip in Subic. I said spontaneous because originally, the plan was to go to Cagbalete in Quezon (I even made the itinerary) but due to some unwanted cases, we ended up in Subic.

This trip also happened in the middle of the week so I had to go back to work the following day. Nonetheless, I was still happy to have taken even just a quick break.

Here is how we got to Subic:


Please take note that we alighted in Layak, Bataan because we were fetched there by one of my sister’s friend’s dad. Apparently, the car was ours to borrow over our stay in Subic because commuting around is difficult.

Mandatory group photo inside the car

Our first stop was Harbor Point Mall where we ate our lunch and burned a little bit of time before heading to our hotel – we stayed at a two bedroom suite in a newly opened hotel.

Hotel Room
Got this info from the complimentary water bottle in the room so might as well post here for reference. Lol

We just spent a couple of minutes in the hotel to put some of our things down before heading to the beach! This was the part I was most excited about because it has been so long since my last beach trip.

Mandatory group photo outside Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel
Mandatory group photo outside Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel

Entrance is at Php300 and rental of cottage at Php1,500. We did not rent a cottage because during that day, there were only a few people at the beach so we just left our things on the sand.


We spent a couple of hours at the beach in hopes of getting a tan or in my case, evening out my skin tone from all the hikes I have been doing. After the beach, it was time for us to have our dinner. We ate at a known restaurant in Subic, Xtremely Xpresso Cafe. It was my second time to eat here, the first time was last year with my friends from college. (Wonder who I’ll be with next year lol)

Some of the food we ate. Keyword here is "some"
Some of the food we ate. Keyword here is “some”

Sadly, I had a relapse of my fever after dinner but that did not stop me from enjoying the night. After the feast we ate, we went straight to a carnival! Entrance fee is Php30 and the rides inside cost Php50 each.

Fun right? Photo grabbed from @celestialpsyche on Instagram

After the fun in the carnival, we headed back to the hotel to watch a movie. However, because I was not feeling very well, I was not able to join them. Instead, I went straight to bed and got some rest.

The next morning, we just ate breakfast at the hotel and watched The Poltergeist in our suite. After the movie, we fixed and packed our stuff and proceeded to check out. Thank you for the great accommodation, Horizon Hotel!

It was funny how everyone was craving for Korean food so we had lunch at Tong Kyung Am (Php300 for unlimited meat) before eventually heading back to Harbor Point where my sister’s friend’s dad was waiting. He then drove us to the bus terminal where we rode the bus back to Manila.


Even though it was only a quick escape from the stresses of life, I was still glad to be able to come with. Thank you to my sister for taking me along with her and to her friends, Mars, Wegs, Ferron, Gigay and Miking for  the warm welcome.

And even though our Cagbalete trip did not pan out, it was still a fun trip overall. Thanks!

Bonus photos of my awkward self underwater. Looooool.


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