Choose It or Lose It

Hi! I mentioned how I stopped going to the gym for almost a month because we transferred offices. This long hiatus made me lose my fitness progress real quick and I had to try and get back what I lost.

It is different this time because I do not have a personal trainer who will help me with my program and push me harder. Nonetheless, I still try to apply what I have learned in the past months of working out. Although the results are somewhat slow to show, I am still proud of what I have achieved by myself so far.

It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop.

Is a quote that is applicable to so many things in life but I shall use if for my fitness endeavors because I know now that fitness is not a temporary thing but a lifestyle that you continue to choose everyday. Choose it or lose it.

In the two months that I have been working out in my new gym, I admit that my sessions are, most of the time, cut short because one, I get out of the office late already and two, I need to leave by a certain time to avoid the insane traffic going home.

One of my goals in this endeavor is to gain weight. My previous trainer used to tell me not to worry about the amount of food that I eat in order to gain weight but it was a dilemma because I also wanted a flatter stomach. In the end, I was not able to see drastic results month after month (but that does not mean that there are no results because there are). My mindset is now focused on maintaining a flat stomach and having strong core muscles while gaining weight. After all, having defined abs does not necessarily equate to having strong abs.

What I am really proud of right now is my lower body. My legs are now bigger and are somehow getting that nice shape while my butt feels firmer (I now like to touch it every now and then and congratulate it on its progress. Lol.). While they are still far from my goal, I am happy with the progress I am seeing and feeling.

Still a long way to go but I'm happy with the progress
Sorry for my post-workout bathroom selfie. Still a long way to go but I’m happy with the progress

I guess I just wanted to share to everyone how happy I feel about what I am doing. And it feels really nice when people notice and compliment me on my improvements. Always remember that there would not be any progress if you are full of excuses. Thanks for reading!

PS: Yes, I already gained weight.


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