Running in Gatorade Run 11/22

Hi! It has been a while since I last ran in an official event since my October run got rescheduled to December. Just last Sunday, November 22, 2015 (11-22), I ran my first 11k in Gatorade’s first ever fun run in the Philippines.

Credits to Pinoy Fitness for the photo

I was really looking forward to this race that I almost missed it. Lol. For some reason, I did not hear my alarms. Good thing my friend called to check up on me. Although we were around six minutes late from the 5:00AM gunstart, I had a pretty decent run.

To be honest, I was not prepared for this race at all because I was not able to hit the gym for the past week and do my cardio exercises. Nonetheless, I was still hoping to beat my 10k PR coming from the previous weeks of doing cardio at the gym.

I had a steady pace for my first five kilometers only stopping at the third kilometer to drink. It was a bit difficult to pass the other runners as the race was packed with thousands of people. I remember trying to look for a pacer among those running in front of me to at least motivate me to continue running. Somewhere along the way, I lost my “pacers” and I had to run by myself. It was fine though since I was listening to music.

I also had to observe if my knee would hurt after the five kilometer mark. Thankfully, I did not feel any pain at all.

Sweaty but still smiling! Wearing my knee support just in case

The highlight of this run would probably be the cheering squad that was present somewhere around the last kilometer. They were carrying motivational signs and shouting cheers to encourage the runners to finish strong. And it actually worked because I got pumped up even more. Lol.

Still trying to master the art of being photogenic while running. Lol.

When I saw the finish line, I started to dash to at least increase my rank because I was still disappointed that I was six minutes late. Unlike before, I did not feel any dizziness nor did my legs hurt after the run. However, I felt like puking maybe because of all the Gatorade I drank along the track. Lol.

gatorade run finish
Mandatory photo showing the finish line. Lol. Thank you to my friend, Yssa, for joining me here and for waking me up!


GatoradeGatorade Run 11-22 was a really enjoyable run. Although I would have preferred if they also gave finisher medals but at least I got a finisher’s shirt.

My official chip time for 11K is: 1:11:43 – Using this as my benchmark for my next run. Hoping to hit Sub1 then!

Will I join another run by Gatorade in the future? Yes.

Credits to: Dwhite Arevir, Pinoy Runners, My Run Time and Yssa for my photos!

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