Goodbye and Thank You, 2015!

I cannot fully grasp the idea of how fast 2015 has gone by. To be honest, this has been one of the most memorable years of my life by far – ranging from heartbreaks, disappointments, achievements and fulfillment.

In this post, I would like to share my insights about the year that has gone by and my expectations for the next year ahead.

I had a really terrible start of the year and by terrible, I mean several unfortunate things happening simultaneously. I must admit that for a while, I was at a loss on what to do and how to go from there and my drive to do anything was somehow gone. This year is not turning out well or so I thought.

As hours turned to days and days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, I noticed how things started to turn around for me. It was not all smooth but things slowly got better.

And then it got bad again. This year has been a series of ups and downs but it brought about a different side of me and taught me several things that I will surely carry in the next years to come.

Camae’s Escapades 2015!
  1. If there’s a will, there’s a way

I am a firm believer of this because if I want something bad enough, I really exert effort to get it. There have been many cases of that this year (such as securing permission to climb mountains). I guess the only problem is that I tend to expect this from others too especially if it concerns me.

  1. But don’t force it

There are some things that I want so badly but still end up not getting because of certain uncontrollable circumstances. This year, I realized that sometimes, even the best efforts will not win against things you cannot control. Maybe the best thing to do is to try again when the circumstances feel right.

  1. The body achieves what the mind believes

Mind over matter. This is probably what I learned coming from all my fitness endeavors this year. I must admit that I am proud of how (physically) strong I have become and it is all thanks to that mantra. (Can I be a princess now? Lol.)

  1. Risk it or miss it

I was not much of a risk-taker until this year. Thanks to hiking, I have learned how to face my fear of heights. But of course this concept applies to so much more. This year, I was faced with so many situations where I had to risk something in order to gain something that I want. So what if I have to forget my shame for a bit if it will get me a video greeting for my sister’s birthday? So what if I have to lower my pride a bit if it will get me a chance to talk to people I want a conversation with? Fair enough.

  1. Do what you love

This year, I was able to go out of my comfort zone and discovered things that I learned to love. I made sure to always find time to do these things because somehow, they make me happy.

  1. Travel while you’re able

Travelling helped me in more ways than I can imagine. I would like to think that it is one of the reasons why I now have a much more positive mindset. And I would like to believe that I become a different person after every trip simply because of what I learn from each one.

2015 beach.jpg
Probably one of the best summer seasons by far! I love the beach!
  1. Breathe and take it one step at a time

When everything that is happening starts to overwhelm me, I pause, breathe and do them one at a time. Of course this is easier said than done but by allowing myself to be overwhelmed, I become more unproductive.

This concept also applies to what happened to me during the first quarter of the year. As mentioned earlier, there were so many unfortunate things that happened simultaneously and when things became too much for me to handle, I, unfortunately, let them take over me resulting to my lost of drive to do anything.

Luckily, I was able to turn this around.

  1. Forgive

I try and forgive people who did me wrong even if I did not get any form of apology simply because at the end of the day, harboring ill feelings will only do me more harm than good. But forgiveness does not necessarily mean to forgive right then and there. Sometimes, it takes time, a lot of it.

  1. Never let other people ruin your sunshine

I used to think of what others will say so I was very careful with my actions. This year, I loosened up a bit. Sure I cannot please everybody but at least I was being myself. It took me a lot of willpower to stop caring about what others will say but when I was able to do this, my life became so much easier.

  1. Everything starts with YOU

Every concept mentioned above will not be possible if not for my mindset. I wanted to be more fit so I had to always fight the urge to skip gym and always remind myself that the results will be worth it. I wanted to do a twin hike so I had to repeatedly tell myself not to give up and take it one step at a time. I wanted to feel good about myself so I tried to be a better version of myself every single day.

Change starts with oneself. But again, you have to want it bad enough to constantly act upon it.


Aside from all the lessons I have learned, I am also grateful for so many things that this year has given me.

  1. People who left, people who stayed, people I met along the way

Sometimes, the universe just catches us off-guard by taking away people who mean so much to us. But instead of harboring ill feelings, I choose to think of all the good things that they brought and somehow, things are better. I am grateful for all the memories (good and bad included), the shared time and the companionship. I wish things were different but I do know that I did not lack any form of effort in making them stay.

I am very grateful to the people who stayed not only during the good times but also during the bad times. Despite seeing the worst side of me, they stood by my side and smacked me on the head and hugged me at the same time. Thank you to the people who were always ready to listen, those who were always up for an adventure whenever I felt like doing one and to those who did not forget to invite me whenever they have adventures of their own.

Finally, I never thought I would travel with complete strangers. But surprisingly, these trips were nothing short of fun and it made meeting new people much more enjoyable. Thank you to the people who trusted me with their stories, who were patient enough with my documentation shenanigans for every trip and who welcomed me warmly even though I only met them this year. I appreciate the growing friendship!

  1. Discipline to get my desired results

Without a doubt, I have become more disciplined this year. I am able to overcome my laziness when it comes to going to the gym and waking up extra early for morning runs. Disciple also applies in aspects like controlling myself to do something I want to do but know I should not do.

run 2015
Slowly but surely. From my short-distance 5k run to my longest 16k run. Never thought I would be able to run such a distance. Next up is 21k!
  1. Ability to let things and people go

I have not fully grasped this yet but somehow, this year, I have learned to let go of some people who wanted to leave and let go of the thoughts and ideas that are highly improbable to happen, though I must admit that I have not fully closed the door on them yet.

I think that the people who are meant for us will either stay or eventually find their way. So if people want to leave, let them leave but not after giving it your best to make them stay. If it were my 2014 self, I would have never let anything or anyone go even if it meant hurting the both of us so thank you 2015 for enabling me to let go a bit.

  1. Opportunity to go on Escapades

Apart from all the beach trips, in just nine months, I was able to see and climb eleven different mountains each with their own set of difficult and unique experiences. Even though there were instances when I wanted to give up, I did not. And because of that, I am now able to share my accomplishments.

2015 climbs
1. Mt. Batulao; 2. Mt. Maculot; 3. Mt Kalisungan; 4. Mt. Talamitam; 1.2. Mt. Batulao (second time); 5. Mt. Pamitinan; 6. Mt. Hapunang Banoi; 7. Mt. Pico de Loro; 8. Mt. Balagbag; 9. Mt. Marami; 10. Mt. Manabu; 11. Mt. Ulap

Thank you to my parents who trusted and allowed me to go on these adventures even though I know that there were times when they wanted to say no. Hopefully next year, they will allow me to go beyond what I did this year. Hi mom and dad, if you guys are reading this, do know that your daughter is always careful and happy during every escapade. Yaay!

  1. Maturity

I would like to believe that this year has the most contribution when it comes to my growth as a person. Going through the ups and downs of the year has made me see every situation in a different light; my 2014 self would have reacted differently compared to my 2015 self. It is really incredible how much difference a year can make.

  1. Strength

Not just physical strength but mental and emotional too. This year tested my limits so much that I was able to beat my personal records be it in running, lifting, hiking and even crying. Lol. Last one is a joke. I have proven that indeed, we are stronger than what we think; we just have to keep pushing.

  1. Love

As cliché as it sounds, I am thankful for all the kinds of love I received this year. It was a pleasure reciprocating my family and friends’ efforts for me.


Grateful for everything. Carpe diem!

Thank you, 2015, for making me into who I am today. I am proud of how I turned out to be in the past twelve months and in 2016, I hope to be able to do all the things I did in 2015 and so much more.

Remember that it is not enough to know better, you should DO better. Words + Actions = Results!

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year ahead, everyone!

Thank you very much for reading.



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