Jump Start January

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! It has been a couple of days since 2016 started and in this post, I will summarize how my days have been and I will enumerate some of the things I am looking forward to in the next few weeks.

I welcomed the new year with our family’s annual coin toss tradition. Here, my mom throws coins around our house as a symbol of prosperity and we collect as many as we can (collecting prosperity).

I won again this year! Hooray!


I had a slightly difficult time going back to work after the holiday break but surprisingly, I had a good first day back.

Perfectly describes how I felt that day: Strong. Lol kidding!

After my first day back at work, I headed straight to the gym to do my first leg day program of the year! And as expected, there were A LOT of people at the gym but luckily, no one was using the squat rack so I had it all to myself that night.

leg day.jpg
I deloaded a bit but I was happy to squat again. Hooray!

This year, I aim to utilize my gym membership further by not being late and following the schedule I set for myself. I need to be more serious about this because I do not want to lose any progress anymore.


This year, I also told myself to run more so I incorporated a minimum of 30min of cardio during my gym sessions. Last Saturday, I also had my first 10km outdoor training run of 2016.

I did not join any fun runs this month but I shall make up for it through my training runs.

Distance Splits.png
My Distance Splits for my first 10k training run according to Nike+. Wow, I still did not make it to Sub1. Boo.


Lastly, I was able to drive again after a while. This year I need to be more confident with my stick shift (Manual Transmission) driving skills especially when it comes to inclined roads.

The little girl running some errands

And those are some of the things I did to jump start January!


Here are some of the things I am looking forward to:

This weekend, I am scheduled to, FINALLY, climb my first mountain this year. It will serve as a “pre-climb” or a training climb to our major hike this month, Mt. Pulag. But I believe this is more of a “getting to know your hikemates” kind of climb.

On the last week of January, I am scheduled to climb my first major hike, Mt. Pulag! I am both excited and nervous because of the difficulty of the trail and the weather conditions.

On the first week of February, I will be celebrating my first Gymniversary (lol). Happy first year of working out! To more gymniversaries!

On the second week of February, I might be scheduled for my first twin hike of this year. Hope it will push through!

On the third week of February, I will be celebrating my birthday but I have no concrete plans yet. I want to do a birthday climb but my birthday falls on a weekday so the chances of finding hiking buddies are minimal. Boo.

On the last week of February, I will be running my first half marathon! Still not sure if I can do it because I do not trust my pacing abilities. I am excited about the idea of finishing 21 kilometers though. Go legs go!

Lastly, I finalized my first summer trip of 2016 yesterday. It was a bit impulsive but it sure is exciting!


Generally, I am thrilled about the first quarter of the year. Hopefully everything will push through! Let me know if you want to join me on my escapades! 🙂

Here’s to a great year ahead! Thanks for reading!



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