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Birthday 2016

Another year has passed and just like that, I turned 24 last February 23. I did not do anything special like climbing a mountain or going on an adventure because I had work. But overall, the day turned out to be really great.

No stress at all.

Last year, I wore a white top and paired it with a red skirt. This time around, I wore a simple white dress.

Hello from the little, morena girl.

I started my day with an alignment meeting at the office. Afterwards, I I treated my teammates to lunch before I left. (I was allowed to take the afternoon off to celebrate).

The team.

I headed to Greenhills with my other office mates where we ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Afterwards, I treated them to milkshake at Starrs.

At our favorite milkshake place

Then I went straight to Greenbelt to meet and treat my other friends to a couple of drinks.

Thanks for the gifts, you guys! I love them!

After the drinks, I went back home to a dinner feast prepared by my mom. Yummy!

In short, my birthday was all about food. Lol.


Yup, I’m still awkward

I am really grateful to everyone who remembered me and took the time to extend their well-wishes on my special day. I would hug you all if I could. And thank you, Lord, for blessing me with another year! Hoping to become a better version of myself again!

I prayed and wished for a lot of things this year and hopefully, with His grace, I will achieve them all.

Note: Everything went well except for the fact that I lost one of my earrings on my way home. Boo.

Thank you for reading!






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