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Post-Climb and Pre-Birthday Trip at Boracay de Cavite

Hi! I just came from my first beach trip for this year! My friend decided to organize a post Luzon 3-2-1 (Mt. Timbak-Mt. Tabayoc-Mt. Pulag) event that also served as my pre-birthday trip. I was always out in the mountains that when I got invited to a beach camping activity, which I have not done since summer 2015, I readily agreed to go.

The itinerary was set from February 20 (1:00PM) until February 21 (1:00PM) and although there were complications along the way, I am extremely happy that this trip still pushed through.

Below are the tables that summarize the transportation details and cost breakdown of our trip.


It was around 12:30PM when I arrived at KFC in Coastal Mall. There, I ate my second lunch and waited for my other companions. It was already around 4:00PM when we boarded the bus going to Ternate. Because it was already late in the afternoon, we experienced the Cavite traffic and we were unable to catch the sunset by the beach. Instead, we witnessed it from the window of our bus.

When we alighted from the bus, we rode a tricycle going to Marine Base where Katungkulan Beach and Resort (Boracay de Cavite) is located. The tricycle ride was so long that we even passed by Mt. Pico de Loro’s jump-off point and went on further. Upon arriving at the entrance of Marine Base, we registered our names and paid the corresponding fees before returning to our tricycles and heading to the beach proper.

Note: Marine Base closes at 10:00PM. Be sure to register by then.

The Beach

When we (finally) got down from the tricycle, I already felt the fine sand on my feet and saw the number of pitched tents around the area. Again, we just paid for the corresponding fees before we entered the beach. When we found a spot somewhere along the far end of the beach, we put our bags down and started pitching our tents.

Note: There are stores in the area where one can get supplies and food (even lechon manok!)

Let the beach camping commence! Me and the girls. (Photo from Glaze)
The boys cooking dinner! (Photo from Glaze)

Maybe one of the reasons why they dubbed Katungkulan Beach Resort as Boracay de Cavite is because of the really fine sand that battles that of Boracay. But I would not know because I have not been to Boracay just yet. The sand in the area where we pitched our tents; however, was a bit grainy to the feet.

After eating delicious sinigang for dinner, cooked by my friend, Rayford, we took several night shots while sharing interesting stories to each other.

Earlier that night
The group and the moonset at around 4:30AM (Photos from Glaze)

The stores were already closed at around 11PM and we were unable to buy drinks for the night so we had to ask our tricycle driver for a huge favor to buy the drinks and snacks for us and take them to Marine Base (of course for a fee). When the drinks arrived, we started with our socials (Yup, I was awake and I participated! Yaas!). Surprisingly, there were a lot that transpired that night and it made the trip much more memorable. We were done with socials at around 5:15AM and I was able to get a quick 15-min nap before my friend, Rowe, woke me up to swim.

Hi Rowe! I might be a bit groggy when I took this photo.

Funny thing was, as soon as I got out from the tent to swim, Rowe went inside and quickly fell asleep. I was trying to wake the girls up but to no avail. Fortunately, Carol was awake and she kept me company and took my photos along the shore.

Nothing like an early morning dip when nobody’s watching

At around 7:30AM, my other friend, Glaze, was finally awake. We both swam at the sea but I immediately went out of the water when the people swimming increased tenfold. Surprisingly, the marine soldiers made several appearances at the beach to conduct their morning training/ritual and it was interesting to watch.

Marine Soldiers (and my trusty slippers lol)

After a while, we ate our breakfast which was prepared by Jervine and Carol. While eating, my friends decided to surprise me with a sign that read “Happy Birthday Camae” and cupcakes. It was really unexpected and that gesture alone was enough to make my day. Funny thing was, some random people at the beach even greeted me a happy birthday too. Lol.

This made me really happy. Thank you, guys! (Photos from Jervine)


We ALL swam for a couple of minutes more and finally left the resort around 11:15AM. And because I was not able to get some sleep following the socials, I was asleep throughout the entire long tricycle ride to Naic where I treated my good friends to lunch.

Us after lunch.

After lunch, we rode the bus back to Pasay.


Here’s a short video of our beach trip courtesy of Jervine:


Thank you for organizing the event and keeping track of the expenses, Jervine!

And thank you to my other companions, Glaze, Jepoy, Rowe, Robin, Carol and Rayford for the fun company!

So fortunate to have met these people.


bdccamae2.jpgAnd there goes my first beach trip and beach camping of the year! Looking forward to spending more time in the waters this coming summer.

Please feel free to invite me to the beach this summer, I would love to go.

Thank you for reading!




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