Completing Half Mary in SMDC Run 2016

Hi everyone! Two months ago, I registered for my first run of 2016 and my first ever 21-kilometer run in SMDC Run 2016, that was held last February 28, as a way to cap off my birthday month. Up until the race day, I was still unsure whether or not I can finish the run because I was worried about any recurrences of my knee injury which was why I suddenly felt the need to wear my knee support.

Photo from PinoyFitness

I told myself I would train for this race but then I went to so many events in the past few weeks that I only started to “train” (not even completing 21k) on the same week of the race. I am such a crammer, right?

Nonetheless, I am still thankful that I was able to finish the race safely and within my target time.

I was already at the venue around 3:15AM. Gun start for 21k was at 4:10AM. As usual, I walked around the area by myself and did some final stretching afterwards.

Okay, this photo is proof that I’m almost always on my phone. Lol. I was wearing my knee support too.

The race started at exactly 4:10am and again, I tried to find a pacer from among the runners in front of me. Unfortunately, somewhere along the first kilometer, my right foot started to feel uncomfortable as if blood was not circulating properly so I immediately associated it with my really tight knee support (it was not as tight before. Wonder if it shrank or if my legs became bigger. Lol. Either way, it was extra tight around my leg). Because I cannot remove my knee support completely, I just lowered it to become my “shin support” which turned out to be a great idea.

Look at that “shin support” go! Lol.

I passed through the usual landmarks during the run – DZMM station, Star City and Roxas Boulevard. I observed as the race marshals  handed the 21k runners a band upon making the first U-Turn somewhere after United Nations. I guess that this was the proof that the runner did not cut his route short. I got my second band after the second U-Turn in Coastal Road just before entering the expressway (I secured the two bands around my watch). Shortly after I made my second U-Turn at roughly 13.5KM, a race marshal handed me a banana which I almost turned down because I thought she was handing me water. Lol. It was great because I remember not being able to eat anything before the run.

I would like to believe that I had a pretty steady pace until my 10th kilometer. Afterwards, I started to slow down because I was already getting tired (that’s what I get for not training properly) and I was still 11 kilometers away so I had to conserve what was left of my energy.

[Again, I’m not the subject of this photo] Just a few more kilometers to go! (Shin support is still intact. Lol.)
I already felt proud of myself as soon as I passed the 16-kilometer mark because every step I made afterwards was already my personal best. I kept looking at my watch to monitor my time because I wanted to finish the run before 6:40AM to make it to Sub-2:30

As I was nearing the finish line, I couldn’t help but smile (even when there was no photographer). Thank you Red Knight for these shots.

There were runners across all distances (5k, 10k and 21k) a few meters before the finish line, all dashing to hopefully beat their PRs. I was also dashing because as I mentioned earlier, I wanted to finish the race before 6:40AM to make it to Sub-2:30

Just before crossing the finish line. 2 and 1 for 21k!

And right after I crossed the finish line, I…tripped (lol) because the person in front of me suddenly stopped and I was not able to stop in time. After the little commotion, a race marshal then hung a 21k finisher medal around my neck.

This little girl is officially a half-marathoner

Afterwards, I met with my friends who also participated in the run.

Jam, me and Charles after our respective runs.
Mandatory finish line photo and a BTS of the mandatory finish line photo. (Photos from Jam)

After the post-race program, I had quick breakfast with Charles and Jam before heading to Pasig to meet up with my college friends. And yes, I was very, very sleepy throughout the rest of the day.


Unfortunately, my official race results are nowhere to be found even though I attached my timing chip (still sad until now). So instead, I will share my distance splits that I tracked using Nike+. The app records say that I finished it within two hours and nineteen minutes but I think I crossed the finish line after two hours and twenty-two minutes. Made it to Sub-2:30!

Thank you for not acting up on this race, Nike+. My slowest is at the 14th kilometer because that was when I ate the banana. Lol.


Update! MyRunTime just emailed me that they have successfully retrieved my race results! Sharing it here as well:

Still proud of myself. Yaay!


Overall, I am happy that I joined this run because not only was it well-organized, it was also where I got the most generous loot bag from. Thank you!

Thank you to Red Knight and Running Photographers for the photos!

The selfie I took after I crossed the finish line. Pardon the sweat. Hooray for 21k!

The following day, both my legs were sore and I felt a familiar pain in my (this time) left knee. I found it hard to walk around and climb the stairs but I did not mind these at all for I was still ecstatic about the fact that I was able to finish my first half-mary within my target time! Good job, legs! Congratulations to all the finishers!

My next goal is to officially finish a 10-kilometer run within an hour before joining another half marathon.

Thanks for reading!





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