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Quick Trip to Pangasinan

Last Holy Saturday, my dad, brother and I went to Pangasinan to visit our relatives. We had to go back on the same day; however, because my mom and I still had to serve at the Easter Vigil at night.

Even though I knew that it was going to be a tiring day, I still decided to come along because Pangasinan is a place close to my heart.

We left the house around 4AM and ate breakfast in Pampanga around 6:00AM. After that, it was a pretty smooth travel to Pangasinan. We first went to the cemetery to visit and pray for our departed loved ones before heading to our relatives’ house.

After putting my stuff down, I headed to the sea which is just a quick five-minute walk from the house.

It was high tide then but this is the sea

This place is really special because it holds a lot of my childhood memories. Because my dad is from Pangasinan, we go here a lot. So when I was still a little girl, my cousins, siblings and I would usually swim and play around the shore by building sandcastles, collecting seashells and the like. In short, this was my playground. And so always, without fail, it is mandatory for me to go the sea/dagat whenever we visit our relatives.

I had to take a couple of pictures back with me

There were a lot of things that changed but some still remained the same like the abundant seashells everywhere and the salty scent of the air. Ahh, this place will always be one of my favorites.

After playing around for a bit and getting some seashells (yes, I got a few), we headed back to the house to eat lunch before going back to Manila.

And when we got back, I changed to my church uniform and went straight to the parish for the mass. I am really grateful that they pick me to serve in this special mass year after year.

The Ministry of Lectors and Commentators (incomplete attendance lol). Can you spot me there?



Good to see you again, dagat!

Thanks for reading!




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