Update Post: Fitness Endeavors

Hey everyone! This will be just be a quick update post on my fitness endeavors for this year because I think I have not written anything about it for a while now.

Nonetheless, do know that I have not stopped trying to be a better version of myself even though the progress is slow to show. As they say,

It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop.

Well, the most important update would be how I transferred back to my previous gym which is far from where I work now. I did so because there are sooooo many people at the gym near my office and oftentimes, I find it hard to finish my planned program for the day. However, transferring back to my previous gym has its cons such as:

  1. Having to leave the office at a certain time. If I leave past that, I will get stuck in traffic and get to the gym at a later time.
  2. Skipping gym against my will (even if I brought my gym stuff) because of heavy traffic.
  3. Additional effort from my end.

But of course there are also pros such as:

  1. Getting to work out with my gym friends who make every session fun
  2. Being able to finish my program for the day
  3. Being able to ask the manager and coaches to either spot me or give me a new program because I am already good friends with them.


13046341_10153666841636359_1607426528_n 13022302_10153666841676359_1948484321_n (with my gym buddies, Zara and Joey)


To be honest, I think that my progress is really slow that I am also not sure if I am improving. However, when people, who know more about fitness than I do, compliment me and my progress, it motivates me to do more. You guys have no idea how those compliments, no matter how little/simple they may seem, brighten my day though I try to keep it cool and control my kilig every time by flashing a quick smile and saying thank you. (Internally, I am screaming though. Lol)

New active wear ensemble from Sassa and F&F

Here are some of my snaps (follow me on Snapchat: heycamae) from the gym:

Well, our “Ab Box” form is still off but my partner, Zara, and I are working on it. I also started boxing with the help of Coach Don-Don.

This is my ideal workout schedule:

Monday – Run, leg and core exercises

Tuesday – Back, biceps and core exercises

Wednesday – Rest day/running and boxing

Thursday – Chest, triceps and core exercises

Friday – Run, leg and core exercises

Saturday & Sunday – Rest days/hike day/morning runs

Though sometimes I fail to follow the schedule because of unforeseen circumstances (i.e. I can’t do leg exercises for a while because of my knee and/or when I have to go out with friends, etc) 

Even though the progress is slow, I am still proud that I have not stopped my pursuit in trying to be a better version of myself – physically, in this case.

Thank you for reading!


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