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Hohol in Bohol

Hi everyone! Last May 12-16, 2016, I took a break from being an adult and went on a trip to Bohol with my friends. And because I was really excited for this trip, I started packing my things a week before our scheduled trip.

I had so much things planned in my mind but unfortunately, most were not done because of my bad condition on the days of the trip. It was unfortunate but at least I was able to see a bit of Bohol during my stay.

Read on below for the really quick summary of our hohol in Bohol.

I shall not go into detail of what we did in Bohol because in my case, I was resting 75% of the time, no kidding. It was so hard to not have the energy to eat, yet alone to move. I remember feeling annoyed because no matter how much I rested, I never seemed to get better. Huhu.

Because my friends have already been to Bohol before, they were able to visit most of the familiar tourist spots but they all agreed with me when I said that I wanted to visit Mag-Aso Falls.

Us by the falls. We were supposed to swim but the water was ice-cold! (And I wasn’t feeling well). We soaked our feet though!

We also passed by the Man-Made Forest:

Us at the Man-Made (Mahogany) forest. This stretches up to two kilometers.

The highlight, of course, would be our trip to the beach:

Not alone in Alona Beach! There are a lot of restaurants and bars along the shore and they say this set up is like that of Boracay (but I wouldn’t know because I haven’t been to Bora lol)
Night swimming with the girls in Alona Beach. (But because I was sick, I felt worse after swimming. It was worth it though lol)


Me and the girls at the beautiful Virgin Island
Snorkeling in Balicasag Island. Lol my life vest is drifting away (right photo)

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to my friends, SassyDiamond and Ivan for being patient with me and for taking such good care of me throughout our stay in Bohol.

My ka-hohol in Bohol! Thank you Yammy, Ivan and Sassy! Sorry if I was sick 🙁

This is the sick girl trying to be up and about. But hey look, I don’t look like I’m in pain right? Lol.

Because I only saw so little of Bohol, I intend to come back one of these days to go to the places that I have in mind. Though, it was still a fun trip despite the circumstances I had.

I have now regained my strength and appetite thanks to the antibiotics that the doctor in Bohol prescribed (Yes, I went to the hospital in Bohol).

Thank you, Lord, for the safe trip!

Thanks for reading!



  • arttotravel

    Hey! I really like your blog, you’re actually the first pinoy travel blogger I know! I currently live in iloilo and traveled the country a lot obviously. Yesterday I went to this shop artwork I think they have it in SM all over the country and I saw this shirt saying “hohol in bohol” and I didn’t know what it meant but I thought well that would be a nice title for my blog post about bohol and I tried to google it but couldn’t find a translation but your blog! Can you maybe tell me what it means? Does it mean something like vacay? Salamat po!!

    • Camae

      Hi! Thank you very much for taking the time to visit, read and leave a comment. Hohol is actually an acronym for “Hang out, hang out lang” which can mean people hanging out or having a good time in a certain place. 🙂 Please let me know if you finish your blog post. I would love to read it too.

      Have a great day! 🙂

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