On Chill Days

Hey! Most of my posts recently have been all about my trips and fitness endeavors. That is why in this quick post, I will breeze over what I did last Saturday together with what I wore on that day.

I was scheduled to have lunch with my college friends at RCBC Tower in Ayala. I decided to to wear something that I do not get to wear outside often: shorts, but made sure that the entire ensemble looked smart-casual.

Fuchsia blazer from Red Head; Black tank top from Forever 21; Aviators from Payless; Shorts from F&F; Sneakers from Atmosphere; Black handbag from Parfois (Photos from Janine)

Tip: Adding a blazer to any casual ensemble will make it look more smart-casual


“Walling” with my friend. Lol, the first photo turned out to be too bright. (Photos from Janine)

I missed chill days when I get to hang with my good friends from college and just update each other over food. I do not have group photos of us because I only posted on Snapchat and forgot to save the photos so there’s that. (Add me: heycamae)

And that ends my quick post. Watch out for my next travel post in a couple of weeks. 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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