Completing Half-Mary in GNC Run 2016

Hi! Last July 3, I completed my second half-marathon/21km race in Run GNC 2016 which was held in Mall of Asia Running Grounds. I aimed to beat my PR in this race even though I had minimal training because of the bad weather.

I like joining fun runs with a cause and this was for the benefit of the Cancer Warrior Foundation.

Read on below for a quick summary of my second half-mary.

I was already at the venue around 3:10AM. As soon as my companions arrived, we ran a few laps around the area as a form of warm up. The 21k category had its gun start around 4:00AM. There were three of us running in this category (Joey, Gelo and I) and our other companion, Dona ran at the 5k category. I was able to keep up with the two guys only until the third kilometer because of their really fast pace of 5:00-5:30/km. And because I did not want to hinder them from their goal of winning the tumbler and towel (given to the top 100 runners per category), I did not ask them to wait for me.

I had my race kit customized so my name was printed at the back of my singlet, which I did not wear, and on my race bib. And because a lot of runners also had their kits customized, it was easy for me to remember who my “pacer” was from among those in front of me. I was trying to distract myself from feeling tired so I had to do all sorts of things ranging from reading all the names of the runners with customized singlets to looking at all the buildings around and telling myself, “Ah so this is where <insert building> is located” and the like. I was not really focusing on the road but more on the surroundings. Lol.

My customized singlet

The first U-Turn was along Coastal Road (just before entering the expressway). And I remember thinking to myself, “Sa UN pa yung susunod na U-Turn. Shet.” lol. My right knee started to hut at the 10th kilometer so I tried to distract myself again from feeling any pain. At around the 12th kilometer, a marshal handed me a banana which I immediately ate in hopes of making my knee pain go away.

Somewhere along the 15th kilometer, the soles of both my feet started to hurt and I remember thinking of how unlucky I was that everything was not turning out well – my knees and soles hurting, my phone’s music player malfunctioning, etc. Then again, I just told myself to keep pushing because I only had a couple of more kilometers left to run.

Smiling all the pain away. Naks.

Really thankful to all the photographers along the route because they always motivate my legs to run (though I oftentimes get unflattering shots). Hahaha run for the photo! 

Almost there, girl!

As soon as I crossed the finish line, a marshal hung a medal around my neck after which I took my mandatory post-race selfie.

Left photo from when I got the medal after crossing the finish line. See, my eyes were all over the surroundings.

I proceeded to find my friends in the area and found out that one of us placed in the top 100 (54th to be exact) and got the tumbler and towel. Yup, it was Joey. Congratulations, Jo! I guess out of courtesy for not waiting for me, Joey decided gave me his towel which I immediately used to wipe off sweat. Lol.

With the coach. Congratulations, Jo. Thanks for the towel haha!
Running crew

Extremely proud of the guys, Joey and Gelo, for being able to reach Sub-2, especially Gelo because this was his first official 21k race. Also proud of Dona for finally running her first official fun run!

I successfully beat my previous PR by a minute and ranked 344/1683 runners (top 20%, not bad)


To see the full results, click here.

13567512_1106080536108116_1495130265920800868_nGenerally, I am happy with the race results despite all the complications that happened during the run. My friends and I aim to run a full marathon by next year but before that, we still need to join about two more half-marathons.

Run with me (but only if you are up for a relatively chill pace lol).

Thanks for reading!


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