Race Through The Storm: Pinoy Fitness Kasama Run

Hi! Last Sunday, I was able to complete a 16-kilometer race in Pinoy Fitness Kasama Run despite the moody weather. Coincidentally, my parents joined the Ancop Global Walk which also took place last Sunday in SM Mall of Asia so I did not have problems asking my dad to take me to the venue.  Yaay!

This event is also for the benefit of MCares – a charity of MICHAELA (Photo from Pinoy Fitness)

I was not able to train properly for this run because of the bad weather in the past few days but the results turned out to be better than I expected.

The gun start for the 16k category was at 4:30AM and I arrived at Blue Bay Walk around 3:20AM. It was relatively hard to prepare for the run because there were puddles everywhere and there was no dry area where I could settle down. In anticipation of the rain, I decided to just wear my water-resistant (not fully water-proof) belt bag to safe keep my devices instead of my usual armband.

Pre-race candid photo. Belt bag is securely in place lol


After I was finished preparing and fixing my things for the race, I met with my friend who I was going to run with. He introduced me to several of his runner friends (because he is legit like that) before we went to the starting line. It was not raining when we started running but there were already a lot of puddles around the road which we had to avoid. It was somewhere along the second kilometer when it started to drizzle which quickly turned to a really heavy downpour.

About 50m away from the starting line. Look at all the happy runners go! (Can you spot kuya Kim Atienza and Bubbles Paraiso? Lol.)

The route delved away from the usual Diosdado Macapagal road and we were, instead, running along Senator Gil Puyat Ave. It was a first for me but not for my friend, who I was running alongside with, because he passed by the same route when he ran 42k in Milo Marathon.

The heavy rain and minimal illumination made it difficult for me to see the road well and it caused me to trip several times. Lol. We had two U-Turns to make: First, in Sen Gil Puyat Ave and second, in Coastal Road. The rain momentarily stopped while we were running along Roxas Boulevard but immediately picked its pace up a few minutes after we made the second U-Turn.

Drenched. Momentary peace along Roxas Boulevard.

I lost count as to how many times I had to wipe my face because the rain water got in my eyes but this did not stop me from running (well also because my harkor friend was not stopping). As we entered the flyover, a runner shouted something which I found really funny (sorry, I have to share this). He said, “Ano ba yan, flyover na nga, baha pa rin”.

I knew I only had a few kilometers left to run and surprisingly, I did not feel as tired as I should be coming from my previous races where I would, by this time, struggle to keep my legs running. In this case, I was really happy how I was not feeling such struggle considering the distance. This might be because of the rain and/or the pressure to keep up with my harkor friend.

When the finish line came to view, I started to scan the area for photographers but to no avail – it was still raining hard, after all. And so we crossed the finish line without any final running photos taken but it was fine because we were snapped post-race photos right after.

16km completed!

Unfortunately, we did not make it to the Top 100 so we were not given umbrellas but we made it to Top 250 so we were able to get bag tags! Yaay! My friend and I roamed the area and got our finisher shirts and lined up in different booths for the freebies as well. I also met up with another very legit friend who ran 16k as his comeback run after not doing the activity for about two years. Sadly, he couldn’t stay longer so after a quick chat, we bid each other goodbye.

Welcome back, J!

After the program, my harkor friend and I decided to have breakfast in Jollibee first before heading home. Here, I saw my other friends, Melanie, Sally and Tristan.

Hi Melanie!

I am actually really happy with how I performed despite the lack of mileage and training. Here are the results of my run as tracked by MyRunTime and Nike+:

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-17 at 10.54.31 AM
via MyRunTime
Distance Splits according to Nike+

For the full results, click here.

Thank you to Pinoy Fitness, Active Pinas and Running Photographers for the photos! (Not sure where the photos from the photobooth are uploaded but I’ll post it here once I find it)

EDIT: Found the photobooth photo! Thanks, Pinoy Fitness!


Thank you to my harkor friend, Jai, for inviting, pacing and not ditching me in this event. I honestly think that the reason why he was not able to meet his target time of 1:30:00 was because I pretty much slowed him down, he just would not admit it so I plan to make up for it somehow.

Thank you, mister harkor 

13900354_1198239793571955_2291281904419120682_nRunning in the rain has some pros and cons but overall, I definitely had fun. And while running with a buddy still makes me feel nervous (though this was already my third time to do it), it also makes the experience more enjoyable.

And therefore, I agree with the overarching message of this event which is:

Mas masaya kapag may kasama!

I already have a next race in mind but I have not registered just yet because I want to make sure that someone I know will also be there. Lol.

Run with me! 🙂



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