The Journey to Fitness

I think it is safe to assume that almost everyone wants to look and feel good about themselves. And because of this, many result to doing things outside of their comfort zones such as going on a diet and exercising among others. However, stepping out of one’s comfort zone requires a lot of effort which discourages some before they even start.

And honestly, it will be difficult at first but it will always be worth it in the end.

Starting the Fitness Journey

The first step to anything is to really want what you are about to do. Everything starts with YOU and as soon as you are convinced that doing this will be for the better, you are ready to start.

In my case, I started by going to the gym regularly. I had zero knowledge on exercise programs so I sought help from a trainer. I was really shy then but the more I went to the gym and learned the programs, the more confident I became of my capabilities. Who knew I can squat 130lbs? (But of course that comes with training). Slowly, I found myself looking forward to going to the gym after work. And to be honest, one of the best feelings in the world is being confident and proud of your progress.

2015 beach
I never wore bikinis before but after I started going to the gym, I became more confident of my body

Expanding Your Fitness Horizon

Wanting to check if my strength and stamina have increased, I decided to try other activities such as running and hiking. And let us face it, cardio is not something that everyone likes to do. Initially, I just wanted to check if I can do these activities by joining a fun run and climbing a mountain. Surprisingly, I loved the feeling I got from doing both so I decided to pursue these activities and aim for better results.

For running: Beating my personal record in running time and in distance covered

run 2015
This is an old collage but now I am also able to run 21k. Who would have known right?

For hiking: Climbing several mountains at a time and taking on more difficult trails

Flashback to my 4th mountain. I am now at 40. How time flies!

Tips for Consistency

  1. Find inspiration even in the littlest of things. Be it going to the gym to see your crush or running to try on your new pair of active wear! To be honest, I really plan my running outfit every time I join events because I believe that this will compensate for my tired face in race photos. Believe me, a good set of active wear will be one of your bestfriends when it comes to any fitness endeavor. Lol.


(Check out really neat active wear pieces from Adore Me! Let me know which one is your favorite.)

  1. Focus on the fruit of your labor. When you see results and progress, that is when it becomes addicting, in a good way of course.
  2. The body achieves what the mind believes. Train your mind to stick with the programs you have set for yourself.
  3. Value for money (especially payment for the gym) – You already paid for it, make use of it!

Remember that fitness is not something you do just to prepare for summer, it is a lifestyle that you consistently pursue to become a better version of yourself everyday.

Stay inspired and be an inspiration!

Thanks for reading!





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