Comeback Run in Pinoy Fitness 21K Challenge

Hi everyone! This will just be a quick post on what I call as a “comeback run”. I say this because the last race I joined was about three months ago in Pinoy Fitness Kasama Run. And during the months I did not run, I admit that I had zero to little mileage in a week.

And even so, I still dared to join a  half marathon run to test if I can still finish it in less than two hours and thirty minutes.

Read on below for a brief summary of what transpired during Pinoy Fitness 21K Challenge held at Mall of Asia Running Grounds last November 13, 2016.

There were three waves in this event: Sub 2XU (Sub 2), Sub 2:30 and Sub 3. My friend, Rayford, and I were in the second wave which had its gun start at around 4:35am. According to the organizers, there were about 3,000 runners who joined the event and seeing as we had a bit of difficulty overtaking runners during the first few kilometers, I think what they said was true.

I tracked my run using my new Garmin Forerunner 15 which was given to me by my brother and of course through Nike+ as well. I only have a few photos from this run because I had such a bad timing with the photographers along the route. Lol.

Me trying to look fine despite the exhaustion. Lol. Thank you Pinoy Fitness and Mon Runsa for the photos!

I finished the whole run in 2:29. Whew. Though this time is far from my PR (2:21) and my slowest 21K to date, I am just happy that I was still able to earn that medal despite the lack in training and mileage.

Results according to MyRunTime

For the full results, click here

For the list of photographers, click here

Thank you to my friend, Rayford, for insisting that we join this run. Congratulations on your new PR!

Congratulations to us, ESL!

(Photobooth photo to follow! Heh.)

Before the run started, a really friendly girl approached me claiming to know who I am and upon inquiring, I found out that she is one of my friends on Instagram! So glad to meet you, Nawie! Congratulations on your run!

And finally, I was able to see another friend, Melanie, after the run.

Getting better and better, Melanie! Congratulations!

That’s supposed to be “21” and not “12” lol

I may not have hit a PR, but I was still happy that I had an injury-free run and that I was able to see some friends during the event. Because of the results of this run, I am now aiming to work on improving my time in 5K and 10K distances first before I go back to long distance runs.

But I shall keep my word of joining a full marathon by next year.

Run with me! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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