First Run of 2017: PSE Bull Run

Hi everyone! I recently finished a 21-kilometer run in PSE Bull Run 2017. I actually ran out of kits for this so I thought I would not be able to join. I got a bit disappointed because aside from its perfect schedule that fits my training runs for my first full marathon (yes, I’m currently training for my upcoming 42km run. OMGGG serious na! #RoadToFortyTwo), I also pegged this as my run for the month.

Just when I thought I would not be able to join, a friend of mine told me that he was able to score two kits! And so without hesitations, I agreed to get the other one.

Unfortunately, I got sick the day before the race so I thought I would have a sloppy run come race day. Surprisingly, I performed better than expected. Read on below to know more about this “sick run”.

The event was held in 9th Avenue, 34th Street in Bonifacio Global City. The gun start for 21K was at 4:00AM and I was at the venue around 3:20AM where I met with my friend and kit provider, Tristan. After the final preparations for the race, we both went to the starting line and waited for the gun start.

Tristan and I pre-race. We look so fresh and excited. Wuhoo!

While I was sick, Tristan was recovering from an ankle injury so we both decided to take it slow and just have fun (I was actually a bit nervous running with someone with a Sub-2 record haha). The route was familiar because this was also the route used during Pinoy Fitness Sub-1 10K Challenge. I remember dreading the Kalayaan Flyover but during this race, the flyover felt short as compared to the Sub-1 Challenge. Because it was still dark, we had a bit of trouble seeing the road that I even tripped at the “distance measure thing” (sorry I do not know what it is called haha) for the D-Tag that they place at different parts of the route.

After the flyover, it was a straight route up until Osmena Highway where we made the first U-Turn. There were a lot of stoplights at each intersection and we got halted at one of them. There were also a lot of drivers who got really irate at some of the intersections (others even tried to go across even when the enforcers clearly asked them to stop. In the end, the driver got a ticket for breaking traffic rules and endangering the runners).

21K Race Route (Photo Courtesy of RunRio)
Race Route as tracked by my Garmin Forerunner 15

This time around, I did not trip in the same spot along Kalayaan Flyover (Thanks Tristan for lighting the way) though I tripped four times during the course of the run (what is clumsy haha). We then proceeded to the second half which is in McKinley. This was a familiar route also because of a previous run I joined, Accenture Run and Rock. It was surprisingly cool here might be because of the trees, I am not completely sure. This, fortunately, made the run much more relaxing. We stopped at every hydration station to drink a cup of water and walked a few meters before running again.

I panicked when the pacers caught up to us because I thought they were the 2:30 group. Tristan and I then increased our pace to pass them only to find out that they were the 2:20 pacers.

I remember feeling really excited when I thought of being able to hit a new PR if we maintained our pace. As the signage read 10 kilometers left to 3 kilometers left, I felt my legs giving up but at the same time getting stronger, after all, we only had a few more minutes to go. We scanned for nearby photographers during the last kilometer but our timing was off so they were not able to take a photo of us. However, someone was taking a video as well and I think I got an exposure there lol. Our target was really 2:15 but because the route is not exactly 21K according to Garmin, Nike+ and Strava, we crossed the finish line at around 2:18:XX. There was also a photographer at the finish line but I cannot seem to find which affiliation he is from.

After crossing the finish line, the marshals then hung a medal around my neck and handed me a certificate of participation. I was smiling because I GOT MYSELF A NEW PR! It is a few minutes faster than my old one but I am really happy considering how unwell I was that day.

Results according to MyRuntime
Results according to my Garmin Forerunner 15 (Look, the route is 21.87km)

Tristan and I then walked around the venue to claim our loot bags and see the other booths around the area before we ate our breakfast at Banapple.

Post-race! I think we still look fresh. Haha.

I also happened to see another friend of mine during the event.

Hi Charles! So good to see you!

Thank you once again to Tristan for sourcing the kits and for pacing with me all throughout the race. Really great to be able to finally run with you after all our event encounters before. See you in the next race!

Mandatory finish line photo

16238012_10211005635604378_885884264_nGlad to have finished my 4th half marathon! I used to think that joining one 21km race is already enough because running is not exactly all that fun (gaahd it is so tiring) but I think my drive to improve and be a better version of myself makes the activity much more worthwhile. This run also served as my training for my full marathon in two weeks. I am still unsure if I am ready for it but as always, I will do my best to finish it with a decent time.

Run with me.




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