2017 Beauty and the Beast: Bringing the Magic Back to Life

Being a Disney Princess fan, I really planned to watch Beauty and the Beast on its original release date this coming Thursday, March 16. With a stroke of luck, I was able to get a ticket to watch a special (advance) screening of this movie which was held at SM Megamall IMAX Theater last Monday, March 13. How exciting!

I already know the story of Beauty and the Beast from the story books I had when I was a little girl and from the animated film that I watched during my childhood.

When the announcement of a live-action of this movie came out, I looked forward to reliving my childhood again, more so when the first trailer came out – the feeling I got was a mixture of excitement and amazement.

Photo ops outside the cinema with my companions before watching the movie

Movie Proper

To avoid spoiling the movie, I will just go over some of the elements that I found extremely unforgettable.

  1. Musical – To be honest, I looked forward to how they were going to do the musical segments especially my favorite, Be Our Guest. And let me tell you, the live-action did not disappoint with the camera angles, framing and the aesthetics in general. I found myself singing along and smiling all throughout the segment. And because it was THAT good, all the people inside the cinema applauded as soon as the song ended.
  2. Character Portrayal Emma Watson did very well in portraying the heroine, Belle. I was actually impressed with her singing voice. The most entertaining portrayal would probably be that of Luke Evans (Gaston) and Josh Gad (LeFou). These guys nailed how I imagined Gaston (the self-centered alpha male) and LeFou (the loyal and soft-hearted best friend) to be. Their characters complemented each others’opposite personalities. And if I had to decide the character who was most convincing, it would probably be Ewan McGregor (Lumière).
  3. Production – From the village to the castle to everything else in between, I would like to say that everything looked believable and extremely magical.
  4. Story – Let me tell you, this is not just your ordinary love story/romance film. It had parts that were not part of the story books and animated films from before. Nonetheless, these made the film more unpredictable in a really good way. And just when I thought things cannot get any better, it does (actually) because of the humor that they put in.


The 2017 live-action film of Beauty and the Beast successfully brought the magic of the 1991 animated film to life and because of this, I strongly suggest everyone (kids and even kids at heart) to watch this movie on its official release date on Thursday, March 16. It would even be better to watch it on IMAX 3D if you want feel the magic even more.

Thank you, Walt Disney Studios Philippines for the amazing night! It was truly an honor to be your guest.


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