Pinoy Fitness Sub1 10K Challenge…Accepted

Last Sunday, March 26, I ran a semi-long distance in Pinoy Fitness Sub1 10k Challenge 2017 (I also joined this event last year and I made a post about it too). This was the first event that I joined after my full marathon last month which worsened my injured foot. After that race, I told myself that I would take the whole March off from any foot-straining activities (i.e. Leg days, hiking and running). During my workouts, I still tried to incorporate short runs as my warm up to gauge the condition of my foot. A lot of times, I had to stop because of a discomfort that would oftentimes arise after a kilometer or two. This was also why I was convinced that I was not ready to join any events yet.

However, just a week before the race, my friend convinced me to run since he already got me a kit. I knew for a fact that I would not be able to train in such a short span of time but I tried anyway. In fact, I only had one “training” run but I would not even consider that training because I only ran about three kilometers with a relatively slow pace to boot.

My very unprepared self arrived at the venue around 4:10AM. There, I saw some familiar faces while roaming around including my official-photographer-of-the-day friend, Reggie. After a quick chit-chat and photo-op, I went ahead to meet with my friend who did not arrive until around 5:05AM (Late! Lol.)

Pre-race photo of me and the (late) race buddy for the day. Lol.

Both of us were in the second wave which had its gun start at around 5:35AM. Because there were so many runners present, we found ourselves standing quite far from the start/finish line. And because the basis of the Sub-1 was the gun time, it gave me an added pressure to run faster. Soon enough, my friend and I were able to successfully overtake the pacers which gave us assurance that we were still within the Sub-1 cut off.

Still looking fresh and full of energy a few meters away from the starting line.

Hydration stations were available every 1.5km. What was disappointing (and tbh, annoying) was how the cups with water were not yet prepared. Meaning, the marshals only refilled the cups once the runners were already there. And let me reiterate that it was a time-trial race (so every second counts) and there were more or less 5,000 runners at the event waiting for their turn to be given a cup with water.

My friend was running at a relatively faster pace but he was kind enough to wait for me every now and then even though I kept telling him to go ahead. Eventually, during the last turn going to the finish line, I convinced him to go ahead.

I had such bad luck with photographers during this race. Lol.

I felt the consequences of not preparing for this run because I noticed how I was struggling to maintain my initial average pace of 5:30/km. It is true what they say, that your performance will highly depend on the amount of training you have put in and because I had little to none, my pace got slower and slower as the kilometers went by.

Eventually, at the 9th kilometer, the pacers overtook me. Of course I tried to increase my speed to at least keep up with them because we were already at the last kilometer and I could not afford to not get that medal.


I suddenly felt dizzy. I guess this was my body telling me that I was pushing it too hard when it was not even conditioned enough to begin with. And because of this, I thought to myself,

Di ko na ata kaya. Di bale, may next year pa naman.

After this, I slowed down and began to walk. I observed as the distance between the pacers and I grew and just when I thought that I already accepted the idea of not making it to Sub1, my body and mind decided to give me an extra push to make it. I sped up and caught up to the pacers during the last 150m and with the finish line in sight, I overtook the pacers and daaaaaaaashed away to get that medal (which turns out to be really huge! By far my largest medal to date)

Final stretch to the finish line. I actually do not remember seeing any photographers because I was too focused on making it to the cut-off. Lol.

After crossing the finish line, I felt extremely happy…and sick. I was so tired, I almost vomited (but thankfully, I did not). After getting the finisher medal, I found a spot to sit and recollect my tired self. And because I needed to inform my friend of my whereabouts, I tried to stand and walk to the baggage booth to get my bag and my smartphone. Luckily, this was when I encountered my other friend who noticed how aloof I looked. He offered to get my bag for me as I sat down and waited somewhere at the back.

A photo with my Sub1 medal! Credits to Jose Ramizares for the photo.
It was good to see you, Paul! Thank you again for helping me with my bag!

After getting our bags and meeting back up with Tristan, we went to get our finisher loot bag. ANOTHER UNFORTUNATE (AND ANNOYING) thing was that they ran out of finisher shirts because “their supplier was not able to bring the remaining box of shirts” or so they say. This meant that we had to get the shirts on a different date when they become available. Bummer.

Because there were so many people at the venue, I did not bother lining up at the different sponsor booths to get free items, instead, my friend and I took photos at the start/finish line before we found a place to eat breakfast.

Tristan and I sporting our finisher medals. Congratulations, Tris!

I also happened to see some other familiar faces in the venue.

Surrounded by strong runners.

Though there were several things that went wrong, overall, I had fun running in this event. I am also really thankful and happy to be able to earn the Sub1 medal yet again (what luck, right?). Next time, I will make sure to properly prepare not just for a Sub1 event but for any of the runs I will join moving forward.

Thank you Tristan for getting me a kit and for a great and tiring run yet again. Thank you, Paul for helping me with my bag. It was good to see you again! Thank you, Reggie for taking my photo and for the support pre and post-race. Thank you also to the photographers who were diligently snapping running photos of everyone. Finally, thank you to Him for the strength and the guidance all throughout the run.

Congratulations to all the runners!

Here are the results of my run:

Would you look at that, with one second to spare! Such a buzzer beater hahaha. Happy with my chip time though!

For the complete results and list of photographers during the event, click here

17504497_10154622635426359_2392842117814384822_oI find myself really lucky to be able to get that finisher medal despite the lack of training. Again, this was my first event after running my first 42k last February and thankfully, my injury did not resurface during and after the event.

I planned March to be my rest month (no hikes and supposedly no runs) and now that it is over, I am excited to go back to hiking and running!

Run with me! 🙂


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