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Sweet and Spicy: A Collaboration Post

I have always been into fashion ever since I was little. I believe that this is one way of expressing myself without the use of words. More often than not, I always make sure that I look presentable whenever I go out of my house. In this post, I will be sharing the results of the photoshoot I had with my runner and photographer friend, Tristan, at Bonifacio High Street.

This was actually my first real collaboration with a friend so I got very excited. I have not made fashion-related posts recently and I saw this as the perfect opportunity to make one.

We scheduled this on the weekend after I got back from my hike to Mt. Halcon and I was grateful to my friend for being able to make time for me despite his really packed schedule that weekend. (Note: He was booked for XX number of photography events for the whole weekend!)

Ready for the photos? Read on below.

For this shoot, I decided to express two sides of myself – the sweet and the spicyLol. 


This represents my casual, weekend attire a.k.a. dress to impress. For this, I decided to go a bit boho-chic by wearing a floral off-shoulder top with pants and dark boots. And what perfect place to shoot this than in a small park, right?

Outfit Details:

Floral top from Atmosphere

Boots from Payless

Boho chic
Closer look at the floral top and the maroon turban/headwear

After the boho-chic look, I decided to go for a more casual look by removing the turban and replacing it with a pair of sunglasses.

Walling with my pair of sunglasses


This represents the tougher and more unpredictable (for those who do not know me) side of myself.

After the boho-chic look, I changed into my sporty-chic outfit. To be honest, many people find it surprising that I am also into hiking, running and lifting considering my physique. Lol. That is why I also decided to express it in this shoot.

My friend was practicing his moving shots so it was appropriate that we do running photos. And although it was slightly raining, it did not stop Tristan and I from shooting. As a matter of fact, the rain gave quite a nice effect on the photos.

Outfit Details:

Violet dri fit jacket from Fila Philippines

Violet and black sports bra from Sassa Philippines

Blue running shoes from Nike Philippines

Blue compression socks from Sports Central

Warm up and running shot
A mix of candid shots that I really like
Left photo: Me wearing the Pinoy Fitness Sub1 10K finisher shirt. Right photo: My most favorite photo from the shoot.

To be honest, I like my sports/fitness photos more than my fashion/casual ones because of the different movements that I was able to do. Nonetheless, the overall shoot was a fun experience all thanks to my photographer friend, Tristan!

The guy behind the camera! (Though of course I was the one behind the camera in those photos. Haha!)

Be sure to follow this budding photographer! For updates and possible collaborations, you may reach him on his social media assets:




I love that I was able to have two different looks in this shoot. And although I still need to work on my confidence (or kapal ng mukha. Haha!) because I easily got embarrassed while we were shooting (there were so many people that constantly looked at me), I am looking forward to doing more of these in the future. It was so fun!

It is always nice to work with friends. For possible collaborations, just go to the Contact Me menu of this blog.

Thanks for reading!


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