The Disappointing yet Motivating Run: OYM Trilogy 2017 Leg 2

Last June 11, I ran a short distance race in OYM Trilogy 2017 Leg 2. I have not joined a fun run in three months so this was a great way to get my rhythm back. I got a kit just on the week of the run itself so I was serious in squeezing in training time for that week. I was only able to conduct one training run for the whole week because of an unexpected accident that befell my toe just three days before the race.

As much as I wanted to beat my PR, I knew that chances were extra slim because of the hiatus and the added injury. But, I looked forward to it, nonetheless.

I will not detail what happened to my big toe but to summarize, my very much alive and healthy toe nail was accidentally hit causing it to break off and leave my big toe swelling. That means, my toe would hurt every time pressure was applied to it. So yes, I could not wear closed shoes up until the day of the run.

I got to the venue around 4:30AM and the first thing I did was to get my kit (courtesy of Tristan) from the information booth and afterwards wear my race bib and belts around me. Since my friend, Tristan, was covering the event as one of the photographers and our other friend was running a different distance, I was pretty much roaming the area by myself.

When the 5k runners were called to the starting line, I still dared to position myself at the front, just behind the pacers.

Wore bright colors at the day of the event. 

When the race started, I ran a pace that would not exceed 00:06:00/km. I was also very careful with my toe and I told myself that I would slow down should I feel any discomfort.

True enough, it was difficult to run without any formal training since I already found myself catching my breath after the first kilometer. Out of luck, I was able to maintain a relatively good pace of 00:05:00 < x < 00:06:00/km until the 3rd kilometer when I already felt a discomfort.

I was still a happy runner during the first few kilometers. Lol. Furthermore, my form was still good there. Hooray!

Unlike before when I would only stop to drink water at the third kilometer, for this race, I think I stopped at all hydration stations for a quick sip before running again. Little did I know that this will be the cause of my disappointment.

I was at the third place for the female division up until the last 500 meters of the race. I was, unfortunately, overtaken by a runner and her partner (guy) and thus making me finish fourth for the female division of 5km.

Just a few more meters to the finish line. I was not even looking at the photographers anymore.

Of course I was sad and disappointed because I was so close to bagging another podium finish. But because I was complacent, I lost it by 10 seconds. My friends cheered me up by reminding me of why I was not able to get it that day and how I will absolutely get it the next time around.

Since the 5km catergory did not have a timing chip included, I am not sure how I ranked overall. All I know is that I placed 4th in the female division and I think this is still a great achievement considering the circumstances.

Results results. Yup, no PR for me.
Post-race photos. Left – Mandatory finish line photo. Right – Photo with Mogu Mogu’s mascot, as always!

No matter the results, I had a good run. Thank you so much to these people for keeping me company.

My high school loves, Jossef and Charles – Congratulations on your respective runs! Cha, for hitting Sub55 10k!

Erika, Jossef, me, Charles

URC Running Buddies, Tristan and Pyx – Congratulations to the both of you for being able to do what you went there to do. Tris for covering the event and Pyx for running a fast half-marathon.

Tris, thank you for giving me a race kit yet again and for all the photos you took.

The running bestie! Thank you so much, Tris!

Pyx, thank you for the really good and fun company. See you again on August!

With Pyx, the really mamaw runner!

Thank you to all the photographers who covered the event as well!

Thank you, Lord, for a safe run!

19141701_10154865913711359_549858146_nIn the end, I am still happy to have been able to join a fun run again after a long time. And though I did not achieve a podium finish for this race, I feel more motivated to bag one the next time around. Until then, I shall train for sure. (Now if only my toe would stop swelling. Lol.)

Thank you for reading!


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