Comeback Run at Pinoy Fitness Kasama Run 2017

Hi guys! It has been a while since I last posted a content after my trip to Canada post. A lot of things have happened but I want to focus on the recently concluded fun run event, Pinoy Fitness Kasama Run 2017. This was my second time joining this event (read last year’s post here) and I do not regret it because I definitely had fun running alongside my elite running buddies.

My friend, Pyx, was the one who registered and got me a kit. It was because of him that I was able to make a comeback run. Thank you!

It was supposed to be me and Pyx running at the event and our other friend, Tristan, was originally just supposed to cover the event. However, with some stroke of luck, he was also given a 16km kit and so that is the story of how the three of us were able to run together.

The three of us met up at SM by The Bay around 3:45AM since the gun start for 16km was 4:30AM. I was excited to run alongside my two friends because it was the first time that the three of us were going to run with the same pace (before, we were just present at the same running events and would meet up after the race) but at the same time, I was nervous because I was not really able to train (thanks to continuous OT at work huhu) and admittedly, they are way faster than me. Of course I told them to go ahead if I could not keep up but they said it was okay and that they would just enjoy the run with me. *touched*

Pre-16km fresh faces! (Pyx, Camae, Tristan)

Since we were not aiming for any specific time, we did not bother going near the starting line. As soon as the gun start for 16km sounded, we started to run with a comfortable pace.

A few meters away from the starting line and we are still full of energy.

There were a lot of runners this year versus last year (since there was a typhoon then) and it was nostalgic to feel the adrenaline from all the runners around. Keeping a comfortable pace, my friends and I continued with the run while talking about fun things to keep us entertained.

One of my favorite candid shots from the run because the photographer captured our happy faces while running side-by-side. Photo care of Mr. Roderick Petogo

At the 14th kilometer, my friends and I made a deal of finishing the last 500m without wearing a shirt. I have never done this in any of my races but I, without hesitations, agreed to it because my friends were going to do it anyway so might as well enjoy the race further.

A photo just before we removed our shirts. Lol. We also decided on that pose even before the run started and I am glad we were able to pull it off.

It was apparently a good feeling to run in my sports bra because everything felt lighter. Lol. I saw several photographers but I think I only looked at one because I was aiming to finish the race already so I can wear my shirt again. Lol.

Almost there!

And finally, when we all crossed the finish line, we were quick to get the finisher loot and our baggage to avoid the long lines later on. After doing so, I changed out of my sweaty clothes into fresh and dry ones before taking photos at the finish line.

16km finishers with the red finisher shirt and diamond-shaped bottle opener medal!
A groupie before we left the event area to eat breakfast!

Because I had work matters to attend to that day, we ended up eating at Kapitolyo where we had a long chat about other things that matter aside from work. Lol.

Again, I would like to thank Tristan and Pyx for being my companions in this event and for accompanying me up until my meet up time for work even though they could have went home earlier. It was so much fun to run with them and I am looking forward to the next one.

Pinoy Fitness made a summary video of the event and well, the three of us are included in the interview segment. Lol.

For the results and photos, click HERE.

20882103_10155084035866359_5738423289030361495_nThis was indeed a refreshing run for me and I am grateful that I was able to finish it without any injuries. Also grateful to Him for giving the perfect weather and the strength to finish strong.

I am registered to a short-distance run in a couple of weeks and I am thrilled to be doing this run with my co-worker as this will be his first official run!

Watch out for it.

Thanks for reading!


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