Elegant and Edgy: Second Collaboration Post

Hi everyone! Last week, my photographer and runner friend, Tristan (you may remember him from some of my run posts and my first collaboration blog post) and I went around Manila to conduct our second collaboration post to try his newly bought 50mm lens.

And if I may say so myself, the shots turned out great! Read on below to check my most favorite photos.

We started off at Intramuros where we found a wide space to roam around. I wore my red leather jacket from Danier Leather on top of my black spaghetti strap and black shorts and a pair of runners to give off that elegant yet edgy vibe.

Read leather jacket from Danier Leather, runners from New Balance, earrings from F&F

We had to stop with the shoot when the rain suddenly poured down. We had to wait for several minutes for the rain to pass before resuming the shoot. While doing so, we took several photos of my outfit without the leather jacket.

Black ensemble from H&M

Because my friend also wanted to practice shooting portraits, I also have several close up photos which turned out to be pretty neat!

Portrait photos taken and edited by Tris

After taking just about hundreds (Lol) of photos at Intramuros, we moved to the next location – SM by the Bay to catch the sunset and to help Tristan practice night shots. This was also when I changed into my second outfit which had a brighter and more elegant feel to it.

Floral trousers from Uniqlo. Brown gladiator heels from Payless

While there were more people here as compared to Intramuros, I mustered enough courage to still pose for photos thinking that these people would probably not remember me anyway. Lol.


And finally, we also got around the carnival area by the bay so Tristan can practice more of shooting with bokeh effects.


After the shoot, Tristan and I had dinner before finally going home.

21441920_10155137500166359_1629665811_nIt was such a pleasure to help my friend with his photography hobby. And because he is such a kind soul, you may ask him for collaboration shoots too! All you have to do is to like his page


and contact him from there.

Do not worry, he does not bite but he will tell you how you can look good in front of the camera.

Thank you once again, Tris, for inviting me to do another shoot and for all the good photos you took!



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