Purple Run 2017

I am delayed in making a blog post for this so I will just summarize the whole event real quick through a few sentences and several photos.

I joined my officemate in his first official fun run and we both entered the 5KM category. One of the downsides of this event is the lack of route organization because there was no proper lane for outbound and inbound (for lack of better terms) runners. This was the reason why a lot of us had a hard time maneuvering after the last U-Turn. I had thousands of runners running towards me! This run also involved a lot of purple color powder which was thrown along the route. And every time I saw this, I made sure to cover my eyes because I was wearing contacts. Lol.

A series of photos taken by my friend, Reggie of Running Photographers. I did not see him until he called me thus explaining my facial expressions. Lol.
Final dash to the finish line. Photo courtesy of Active Pinas (Tristan)

I am also very proud to say that I finished this run with a good time of 27:24 and ranked 30 out of 2010 runners for 5K! I did not beat my PR but this is still a good result for me considering the limited time of training I had.


Here are some of the post-race images taken by my friend, Tristan:

Mandatory finish line photo with my running buddy for the day and my officemate, Eid.


For the official results and list of photographers, click here

23226708_10155294445376359_1174204782_nThankful that I was able to have a good run in this event and also grateful for the people I was with. Because I am planning to end this year with a long-distance race, my next one for the month will also be a long-distance one. Hoping to also have a good run!

Run with me!



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