LSD in Takbo PH 20-Miler 2017

Last November 19, I ran 20 miles or 32 kilometers in 20-Miler 2017. It was timely because I needed a long distance run before my longer run two weeks after. I was supposed to run with Tristan (yes, I have mentioned him in several blog posts) but because he sprained his ankle just a day before the race, it was excusable for him to miss it.

Just when I thought I was going to run alone, my other running buddy, Pyx, was kind enough to join me. Great!

Read on below for a quick summary of the experience.

The gun start for 20MI/32KM was around 3:00AM so we were at the venue around 2:00AM. Surprisingly, I did not feel the usual vibe of fun runs but maybe that was just because of the absence of music.

Tristan and I at the venue. Because he will not run, he just covered the event through Active Pinas

When it was about time for the gun start, Pyx and I went to the starting line. Our pace was steady and relaxed that we were still able to talk about random things. However, just around the seventh kilometer, I suddenly felt dizzy (might be because of lack of water) that we had to momentarily stop for a minute or two for me to recollect myself.

Pyx and I during the first few kilometers

It was around the 13th kilometer that Pyx felt something wrong as well. His tummy started to act up so he was forced to walk until it got better. And because he stayed with me when I got dizzy, I decided to stay with him also and not run ahead. We walked a lot also because his other injury resurfaced and he found it really hard to run. But do not underestimate him as he can finish a 21KM run in 1 hour and 42 minutes! I did not mind walking also because of the lack of hydration stations and running will only exhaust both of us more with no water to look forward to.

Running while we can

It was around the 23rd kilometer when I felt my sole aching. It ached more when I walk versus when I run. But with only nine kilometers left, I brushed the pain away. Fast forward to the last three kilometers, Pyx and I were just excited to eat breakfast and drink lots of water! (I swear, I still do not understand why they were not prepared enough with hydration for the runners. Things could have turned out bad)

Happy little girl!

As soon as we crossed the finish line, Tristan was there to welcome and congratulate us.

Albeit the many bad circumstances of this run, I still had fun because of the people I was with. I was also able to meet new friends!

Always a great running event when I am with my running buddies!

For the photos and results of the event, click here.

24581140_10155380847751359_626241491_nStill on track for my goal this year of reaching greater distances. And while I am not able to train as frequent as I used to, I am still proud of my fitness achievements by far. I would not have done this without my supportive family, friends and of course, without the Lord’s grace.

I also finished my last race for the year which I will detail in the next blog post.

Thank you for reading!


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