2017: Pushing for Greater Distances

2017 is almost up and this is the time when I get to reflect on the year that has been and check my accomplishments thus far.

Last year was a year of firsts and accomplishments in terms of my endeavors. And while this year has not been as aggressive, I am very happy to report that 2017 is a year when I set personal records.

In my 2016 year-ender post, I ended with this:

Next year, while I cannot promise to climb more mountains, I can promise that I will still hike, run and go to the gym because these three go together in making me a better person each day, physically and emotionally. I already have my goals set on mountains that I want to climb (G2? Weh. Lol.), the race distance that I want to finish (42K anyone?) and the body that I want to achieve.

I also aim to be more upfront when it comes to the things that matter. I think part of the reason why I get sad or confused is because I tend to hold back a lot. That even when I want to demand something or ask a question, I don’t because I consider a lot of things more than myself.

Surprisingly enough, I was able to do most of the things I promised to do and for some, I even did more than what I expected.


2017 Hikes: 13.2 – Mt. Pulag, 45 – Mt. Kalawitan, 46 – Mt. Cinco Picos, 47 – Mt. Arayat, 48 – Mt. Halcon, 49 – Mt. Yamnuska, 50 – Mt. Whistler, 51 – Nihahi Ridge, 52 – Mt. Pigingan

I already knew from 2016 that my hiking year will be different in 2017. Indeed, I was not able to scale as many mountains as my previous years but it was in this year that I was able to go farther and further at the same time.

13.2 – Mt. Pulag via Akiki-Ambangeg for the second time around (Jan. 7-8)
45 – Mt. Kalawitan, the 10th highest mountain in the Philippines (though I’m not sure if this still applies) (Jan. 28-29)
46 – Mt. Cinco Picos, my birthday hike (Feb. 18)
47 – Mt. Arayat via Magalang-Arayat (Apr. 2)
48 – Mt. Halcon via Bayanan, my most challenging hike to date (May 13-16)
49 – Mt. Yamnuska, my first international hike (Jul. 12)
50 – Mt. Whistler, my second international hike and where I experienced snow (Jul. 15)
51 – Nihahi Ridge, my dream hike (Jul. 18)
52 – Mt. Pigingan, where I got my niknik bites (Oct. 28-29)

I personally highlighted 48-51 because these mountains brought about an extra great experience.

Mt. Halcon is my toughest hike to date because aside from the duration of the hike which was four days and three nights, it was also very technical in terms of assaults. I summarized the experience in a separate blog post here.

Mt. Yamnuska; on the other hand, is my first international hike. I did this when we went to Canada last July. Even before we got here, I was already watching videos of other hikes who scaled this mountain and it got me more excited. This was also a unique experience because there were parts of the trail that I have not encountered in the Philippines (i.e. scree)

Mt. Whistler is where I experienced my first snow. It was fun because I never expected that I will encounter snow because it was summer.

Nihahi Ridge; lastly, is my dream international hike way back 2013. I would always tell my cousin to bring me here when I visit. And well, it was a dream come true!

For more of my adventures in Canada, check my blog post here.


Official events that I joined this 2017. Farthest distance is 50KM.

My original plan last year was to become a marathoner this year. That means completing a 42KM run which I did February of this year. That run; however, was a bit of a challenge because I did it with an injured foot. That was when I promised to do a revenge run some time this year only to end up with a longer distance and at the same time upgrading me from a marathoner to an ultramarathoner! Sweet. Here are the events I joined this year:

PSE Bull Run 2017 – 21k
7 Eleven Run 2017 – 42k
Pinoy Fitness Sub 1 10k Challenge – 10k
OYM Trilogy Leg 2 – 5k
Pinoy Fitness Kasama Run 2017 – 16k
Purple Run 2017 – 5k
Pinoy Fitness 21k Challenge – 21k 20 Miler – 32k
Amihan 50k Road Ultra – 50k

7 Eleven Run was the first marathon I completed with a handicap – an injured foot. I forced myself to push through with the event despite the circumstances because I really trained for it. I found it difficult to finish but taking it one step at a time, Ibuprofen tablets every now and then and finally, a good conversation for the entire duration of the run. It also felt extra momentous when I crossed the finish line because I never thought I would be able to do it. For the full story of this run, click here.

Amihan 50K Road Ultra was my first run outside Metro Manila. It was also my first ultramarathon experience that taught me how I still have more to learn in terms of running. This run also made me very proud of myself and how I am now able to finish extremely demanding physical activities coming from my humble start at 5KM.

Outside running and hiking, I believe I was more upfront and was able to take steps further away from my comfort zone. This year, I was more vocal and expressive of my thoughts and ideas to avoid confusion and get straight answers without having to pass through gray areas. Admittedly, this has caused several conflicts (which was what I was avoiding last year, thus resulting to me holding back) but it also reduced my what if’s and maybe’s. I have realized that life is too short to dwell on toxic people and situations and it would be so much better to just take myself away from such toxicity at a certain point.

Taking risks still played a big part this year. While I have not been afraid of taking risks, this year was different because the risks at stake were greater. That said, I have started a big leap that involves a big chunk of my future and I will probably take more risks as I go about it. But in any case, I shall cross the bridge when I get there.

In general, this year has been good in honing me to be a wiser woman that can handle difficulties with a calm demeanor and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who have been part of my 2017. Thank you for all the love, support and wisdom! Lastly, thank you to the Lord for making everything happen.


Indeed, I have pushed myself to achieve greater distances both literally and figuratively for 2017. I would like to leave all the pain, anger and negativity behind to be able to start the new year on a positive note.

I believe 2018 will be a crucial year for me because I set several plans this year and I am expecting results by next year. Again, hiking, running and gymming will still be part of my year. For running, I am now aiming to hit PR’s in terms of speed because this year was about covering long distances. For hiking, I just want to visit mountains I have never been to before. Lastly for gymming, I want to be able to maintain a decent figure and be stronger (i.e. being able to do pull ups without assistance lol).

Thank you so much for the ride and have a prosperous New Year ahead!

























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