Salonpas Run 2018

Hi everyone! I finished my first fun run for the year in Salonpas Run 2018 held last January 13, 2018. It was my good friend, Tristan who gave me a free 10km race kit.

This post will just contain photos from the race and a few insights.

Event photos of me and my running buddies, Tristan and Pyx who both ran 21k:


I also took some photos after I crossed the finish line. It was Bicolano Runner who let me use his camera. I was also introduced to Run.S.A who I am familiar from my past run events.

Tristan, Bicolano Runner, Me, Run.S.A

I ranked 34/256 runners for the 10k category. It is a decent rank considering how I am already out of shape when it comes to running. (Results can be found in My Run Time’s official website)

Mandatory finish line photo

Thank you for reading!


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